Which Retailer Will Be Your High Street Hero!?


Will your brand be the hero of the high street?

If your brand has suffered sales losses across your high street convenience retail stockists during the Lock-Downs, this visual overview shows you how to safely re-engage with shoppers, win back their confidence and quickly rebuild your sales over summer – at any high street retailer.


From April 12th the UK’s high streets, surrounding stations & office areas will be back open for business, so now is the right time to start planning your retail resurrection using new generation of ‘Safe Sampling Campaigns’.

Which brand and which retailer will become the high street heroes of Summer 2021!?

The below photos show examples of how you can use ‘The Most Effective Retail Sales Experience’ at the top 10 convenience retailers, to create your rapid re-growth.

Sparkling Ice used sampling to sell over 500 bottles in one store in a single day.


This kind retailer targeted sampling enables shoppers to ‘See, Try and Buy’ your products when they are in front of or going into your stockists. It’s so powerful: it typically generate sales uplifts of 200/300/400 up to 500 units per store per day, with sustained rate of sales growth from 1 to 50 units per week.



Diet brand Aktins used a giant sugar cube in front of flagship Boots to get shoppers thinking about their sugar intake, try their range of sugar free confectionery and sell hundreds of units per day.

Boots - Sampling for Aktins

Boots – Sampling for Atkins



Dairy free milk brand Mighty Pea utilised a street sampling cart, set up in front of M&S Food Halls to engage shoppers with the new range of healthy alternatives to milk. (See ‘Safe Sampling Campaigns’ to see how this campaign was updated for Covid in 2021 and put in action at Tesco & Sainsburys to generate sales uplifts of over 1,700%).


Marks & Spencers - Sampling for Mighty Pea

Marks & Spencers – Sampling for Mighty Pea




Low calorie fruit drink Sparkling Ice used sip sampling at store entrances to enable shoppers to see, try and buy the refreshing flavours, converting purchases across Spars in the UK and Ireland.

Spar - Sampling for Sparkling IceSpar – Sampling for Sparkling Ice



Seattle’s Best Coffee used sampling staff in front and inside of city centre Co-op stores, to drive sales of their new coffee to go machines in major cities across the UK.

Coop - Sampling for Seattle's Best CoffeeCoop – Sampling for Seattle’s Best Coffee



Healthy snack bars Battle Oats used in store sampling across high street Holland & Barrett stores to grow sales, helping them convert the initial trial into a nationwide listing.

Holland and Barrett - Sampling for Battle BarsHolland and Barrett – Sampling for Battle Bars



Lifestyle snack bars Fulfil used roaming teams of sampling staff located inside and around London’s tube and train stations to drive mass scale sales uplifts.

WHSmiths - Sampling for Fulfil NutritionWHSmiths – Sampling for Fulfil Nutrition



LRSuntory innovation brand MayTea used sip sampling in front of hundreds of high street Morrisons in city centres and busy suburban retail areas to generate seasonal sales uplifts.


Morrisons - Sampling for May Tea

Morrisons – Sampling for May Tea



Italian bakery brand Crosta & Mollica used street sampling with a branded Ape Van, located in front of high street Sainsburys across Greater London to engage foodies and drive sales.


Sainsburys – Sampling Crosta & Mollica



True Nopal Cactus Water used a street sampling cart located directly in front of high street and office area Waitrose stockists to generate massive sales uplifts for their refreshing new drink.



Waitrose – Sampling for True Nopal



Health drink Captain Kombucha used a ship shaped sampling cart to engage shoppers in front of high street Tescos across central London, for sip sampling and retail sales activation.


Tesco Express – Sampling Captain Kombucha


You can now schedule high street activity again with live sampling campaigns from 12th April onwards.

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To make your event kit ready for the ‘NEW NORMAL’ check out options for production of these new fully branded ‘Safe Sampling Stands’.


Safe sampling cart - hot sampling



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