• What does freedom from lockdown mean for your brand?

As of Monday the 17th of May, the UK successfully reached another important milestone for freedom, as we safely emerge from the claws of Covid.

So what does that mean for your brand? What can you do today, that you could not do last week?

Here is a visual guide of the new brand experience opportunities that freedom presents!


Trade Sampling to Food Service

At last! Thousands of restaurants, bars, cafes, pubs and hotels are all finally open again! After months of closure, they will appreciate your free samples and be keen to receive information about where to get the best money saving deals from your wholesale distributors.



Pubs & Bars

It’s not just the landlords that are keen to get back in the pub! Long lost friends and families are desperate for a big night out too! There’s never been a better time to get your brand into the hands, minds and mouths of experience hungry customers.



University Campuses 

Uni students return to in-person teaching for the final month before their summer break. They’ll then re-open again in mid-Sept for what will be a the biggest party ever; with the second years making up for the Fresher’s week they never had!



Concert Halls

We gotta get the band back together man!  Indoor gigs are back on, with audiences of up to now 1,000 allowed (or up to 50% of the venue capacity). Music events provide your brand with the opportunity to rub shoulders with thousands of culturally aligned consumers as they make lifelong memories.



Team Sports Locations

Time to work off all those lockdown pounds! Grassroots football clubs, rugby teams, cricket clubs and participatory sports are back in session. Now team sports are back on, your brand can reach thousands of active consumers in parks, football fields and gyms each weekend.



Sports Stadiums

Let the games begin! Mass scale outdoor sports events with up to 10,000 sports fans can now return back to watch their sporting heroes in action. Your brand can join them at the entrance points as they arrive at the stadiums and give them something to enjoy while they wait for kick off.



Outdoor Events & Festivals

For every consumer, there is a targeted event to suit their niche. You can pick from food, beer, music, racing, gardening, horses, cycling, hot air ballooning, vintage vehicles to anything under the sun! They offer mass scale reach, from 10,000 to over 100,000 demographically aligned consumers per day!




Being able to reach shoppers in active buying mode makes supermarkets the most effective location for creating measurable retail sales growth from your sampling. With consumers now allowed to entertain up to 30 people in their own homes again, it’s party time! Summer BBQs, house parties and stay-cations all mean the supermarkets are where your brand should be this summer!



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