What could you do with your own promotional sampling truck? 

It starts with an idea. Typically one strong idea of how you could use a promotional sampling van of your own. Maybe it’s an important event or a tour of supermarkets. Then when you have your own beautifully branded food truck at your disposal, the idea builds into so much more!

This insight article shows some examples of how LINK have helped Quorn Foods to fully utilise their fully electric, emission free food truck …so far!

1. Head Office Buyer Engagement Days

Quorn Food Truck at Tesco Head Office - Buyer Engagement

The Quorn food truck has toured across a prestigious list of supermarket head offices to engage buyers and show off their latest NDP. Rather than turn up with a cool bag with a couple of sample packs; they feed everyone in the entire building with a full portion lunch!

In addition to touring the UK, the truck is also used closer to home, for buyer event days when the retailer VIPs visit Quorn’s own head office too.

2. Exhibitions & Trade Shows

The versatile van has been used to create impact both inside and also directly outside of trade shows. In its first year on the road, the van was used to ‘meet and greet’ all VIPs arriving into Plant Based World Expo. The team offered everyone a hot taster and directed them to see the Quorn chef demos on the stand inside.

Then the following year at the same show, the van was brought inside the exhibition hall and was used on the main expo stand for mass catering and extra brand impact!

Quorn at the Plant Based World Expo with their Electric Van

3. Veganuary High Street Sampling Tour

Tasty Veganuary & Healthy Experiential Campaigns - Quorn Veganuary High St Tour

Veganuary (in January) is the most popular time for meat eating carnivores to become greener herbivores; or at least more flexitarian.

To maximise their reach and impact during this period, the Quorn EV food truck goes on an annual tour of the UK’s busiest high streets for hot taste sampling. Its goal is to reach mass market audiences, enabling hundreds of thousands of new customers to the Quorn range for the first time.

On the day ex PM Boris Johnson moved out and new PM Liz Truss briefly moved in to 10 Downing Street, the Quorn Food truck was photographed with the bold NO MORE PORKIES message outside! Devised by Quorn’s PR agency (Taylor Herring), the cleverly timed PR stunt generated millions of hits in both traditional press, online media and was shared by thousands across all social channels.

If you want to find out how we were able to position the truck onto Downing Street and directly in front of Number 10; you’ll just have to get in touch!

Quorn Food Truck - PR Stunt No More Porkies Famous Campaigns

5. Leverage Sponsorship of Liverpool Football Club

Quorn's Electric sampling Van at LFC Anfield

As Quorn are an official sponsor of Liverpool Football Club and active in a range of sports, the sampling truck as attended many football fixtures. The photo shown here was at Anfield (home of Liverpool) where the VIP celebrity chefs helping to serve the Quorn Pies were footballing legends John Barnes and Neil Ruddock!

It’s not just Merseyside who get to enjoy the pies: The Quorn food truck is also a regular visitor to Forest Green Rovers, sampling to the spectators and players at the UK’s first fully vegan football club!

6. Tactical Roaming Street Sampling Tour

Tactical roaming street sampling enables your brand to reach thousands of consumers on high streets, office areas and stations, for a fraction of the cost of officially booked event sites. It’s not just start ups that have to work to tight budgets! For 100% legal compliance, tactical sampling uses pre-booked bays and regional promotional permits, from the local council.

For the launch of the tasty new Quorn Deli tour, the van was used to reach office workers, shoppers on street side sampling spots right across London, plus Leeds, Manchester, Bristol, and Birmingham.

Quorn Food Truck - Tactical Roaming Street Side Sampling Tour

7. Consumer Events: Royal Parks London Half Marathon

Quorn's Electric Van at the Royal Parks London Half Marathon

For every type of niche consumer group, there is are closely aligned consumer events your brand can attend. For Quorn, a healthy living, eco-conscious consumer profile is aligned for much of their range, so the largest UK half marathon was on their wish list! The sampling truck was used in the ‘vegan village’ at The Royal Parks London Half Marathon, where is served hot vegan tasters to over 30,000 runners and spectators.

In addition, the head office team from Quorn participated in the half marathon too, making it an additional employee engagement tool; as well as for consumers!

8. Media House Tour for PR & Press Coverage

To help press releases jump off the email screen and be placed directly into the hands, minds and mouths of hungry journalists, the EV food truck has toured across the UK’s leading media houses. The photo shown here is at William Reed Business Media (home of The Grocer amongst other leading titles). Everyone was not only shown the NPD, but presented with a full portion lunch to enjoy, leading to widespread coverage and valuable column inches.

These tours work best when run alongside a PR agency to liaise with the media contacts (such as MTJ PR who handle Quorn’s trade media).

Quorn at William Reed Business Media The Grocer

9. Employee Engagement and Internal Communication Event Days

Quorn's Electric Van at Methworld

While grocery buyers and consumers are the core audience for the truck, it’s of strategic benefit for Quorn that everyone involved in the entire manufacturing chain understands the brand, feels proud of the produce and part of the movement.

To facilitate this goal, the sampling truck has toured across all of Quorn’s factories. The employees have been rewarded with hot cooked breakfasts, full portion lunches and dinners; timed to suit the shift patterns of each day.

10. Food Service Catering Venue Promotion

Food many food brands, retail is not the only route to market. Food service is hugely important to Quorn, so to support their sales of their NPD and core ranges, the truck was sent on a tour of university campus canteens. As you might imagine, hungry students are an incredibly receptive audience for freshly cooked tasty samples!

The van facilitated thousands of tasters, to promote the range listed in the on-campus food service outlets, driving both immediate and long term sales for each venue.

Quorn Food Truck - Food Service Promotional at Staffordshire University

Where could a sampling food truck take your brand?

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