Trade Show Sampling

Trade show sampling is the ideal way to meet and greet customers

Creating an attractive display of your product samples and presenting them from a high impact, memorable exhibition stand at trade shows is perhaps the most critical location to ensure you get exactly right, in order to impress the highly astute, commercial trade customers. Busy trade shows are highly competitive environments for product sampling, with many brands able to invest big budgets to out-shine their competitors in size and scale, meaning you have to get creative with your experiential marketing exhibition event area to make trade shows really work for your brand.

Product sampling at trade shows can involve complex catering, chef or cookery demonstrations, chilled storage or ambient tasters. Depending on your products, we will advise and guide on exhibition event areas, sampling equipment, food accompaniments, serving methods and sample presentation options – in order to optimise your impact and create the most effective brand experience. Smart uniforms, clear signage, calls to action, allergy information and hygienic serving methods are absolute essentials for creating a professional first impression; yet it is shocking how many less experienced food and drink professionals properly plan for this, as it falls outside of their own area of expertise. Partnering with us guarantees that all of these product sampling considerations are carefully planned out, factored in and incorporated into your trade show sampling strategy.

Aside from your exhibition event area and product sample display – having an enthusiastic team of well briefed promotional sampling staff is your most important asset for an effective trade show. Unlike most corporate professionals who ‘have to attend’ the trade show, promotional teams won’t be thinking about their emails piling up or tasks not being done while they’re at the show. They are at the show with the sole focus of promoting your brand, communicating your messaging, presenting your tasters and engaging your customers. Promotional sampling staff at exhibitions and trade shows are very affordable. Their hourly rates are a tiny fraction of the cost of the event space at the trade show, yet its’ people power that you need to make it work. Don’t leave this essential element to non-specialist head office staff who often cost more in wages, hotels and travel, than a team of locally based promotional professionals who we can handpick, mobilise and brief, ready to support you at your next trade show.

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Key Activities at Trade Shows

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