Everyone loves a good looking food truck. Whether located outside of a supermarket, inside an exhibition hall, at a consumer festival or a station, they always attract positive attention.


They provide a practical mobile kitchen and a high impact visual advert for your brand’s promotional sampling. With so many vehicle options available to rent or buy, let’s take a look at FIVE of our favourites!


The Fulfil van was a centre piece at the Lunch Show


This super sized American Step Truck is one of the most asked for promo trucks. Getting your hands on one that actually drives reliably, is in the UK and available to hire or purchase is RARE! But for those in the know it is possible – and they look fantastic.


Fulfil invested in purchasing their own truck and used LINK to activate it at festivals, head offices, sports events, gyms, universities, office areas and a huge remit of locations to grow their brand.


The GoT Westeros Wagon parked on the streets of London


To promote the release of a new season of Game of Thrones, HBO commissioned the Westeros Wagon. A classic Citroën H Van that served authentically designed medieval food – on a tour of London’s historic sites around the city.


Created and staffed by LINK, costumed teams worked alongside GoT actors such as Brandon Stark from the hit show, to attract thousands of hungry brand fans at each event site.


Watch the video about it here!


Quorn on the streets at night during Veganuary replicating their TV advert

To align with their low carbon footprint, Quorn asked LINK to create a fully emission free, 100% electric food truck for both consumer and trade marketing. An electric transit was an ideal base vehicle, to house a professional grade kitchen, wide serving hatch, large roof sign and event team.

Its been used on their TV adverts, at expos, head offices, stations, high streets, consumer events, trade days and retailers across the country ever since!

Take a look inside!

2. CRACK’D – 1920’s STYLE VAN

The Crack’d van on a tour of high streets for mass audience reach

We LOVE this quirky looking 1920’s style van, both for its looks and surprisingly for its reliability too! Hidden underneath the Peaky Blinders styling is the chassis of a good ol’ London Black Cab, so it drives anywhere!

Vegan egg substitute Crackd toured it (with a giant bottle mounted to its roof!). The catering area inside enabled cooking and sampling thousands of mini pancakes across high streets, supermarkets, head offices, food festivals and markets to make massive impact for their brand during Veganuary.


The Nuii ice cream van is currently touring supermarkets to drive retail sales

The latest addition to the LINK sampling van fleet, is this super cute 1980’s Bedford Ice Cream Van. The van has been loving restored and modernised, with new catering fit out, colourful graphics, lighting and paint. Froneri owned ice cream brand Nuii are the first brand to take it on a tour. It’s currently live across the UK sampling Nuii minis around supermarkets, office areas, high streets and stations during summer 2023.

Let us know which of these trucks is your favourite, and what would you do if you had your own sampling van?

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