Top 10 Tasty Veganuary & Healthy Campaigns of 2022

Which of these tasty choice campaigns would you vote for, for our TOP 10 sampling, experiential and brand activation campaigns for 2022?

Tasty & Healthy Veganuary Experiential Campaigns - Quorn

Quorn No More Porkies PR Stunt:

On the day Boris moved out and Liz briefly moved in, Quorn’s EV food truck went to deliver a message at Number 10 with the NO MORE PORKIES sign boldly branded on the roof!

Journalists and VIPs were treated to Quorn’s new Yorkshire Ham sandwiches; which generated millions of PR hits on both online media and traditional press.

Florette Thank You NHS:

Florette created an interactive  thumbprint rainbow wall at the BBC Good Food Show, where everyone can give a ‘thumbs up’ to say thank you to the NHS after Covid.

10,000 consumers left their mark on the collage of thanks at the show. The painted rainbow was then installed as a permanent work of art displayed inside the foyer of a busy NHS hospital!

Tasty Vegan & Healthy Experiential Campagins - Florette Thank You NHS
Tasty Veganuary & Healthy Experiential Campaigns - Mighty Milkology

Milkology Tesco Tour:

When Mighty innovated Milkology as their most life like non dairy m*lk they were awarded listings in the major mults; but most mainstream consumers are either uncertain or unimpressed by previous experiences of other brands’ less realistic variants.

To create positive taste trial and drive mass scale purchases, the Milkology carton shaped sip sampling carts toured Tesco stockists, achieving ‘mighty’ retail sales uplifts of over 1,700%.

Crackd Social Media Tour:

The no egg egg brand Crackd was keen to show how tasty vegan pancakes can be in the lead up to Pancake Day, using their liquid vegan egg substitute as the main ingredient.

A funky branded food truck with a giant bottle of Crackd mounted on the roof, cooked up hot mini sized pancake tasters for everyone; and offered full size gourmet portions in exchange for user generated content and photo posts tagged to their social media.

Tasty Veganuary & Healthy Experiential Campaigns - Crackd Social Media Tour
Tasty Veganuary & Healthy Experiential Campaigns - Fulfil at Boardmasters

Fulfil at Boardmasters Festival:

Creating stand out memorable impact at the 70,000 capacity music, surf and lifestyle festival in Cornwall is no easy task for the vitamin and protein bar snack brand.

Fulfil smashed their presence with the use of a fun brand experience including (1) A Surf Rodeo challenge on the beach, with the large Fulfil sampling truck alongside; and (2) A Fulfil branded Surf Shack in the main live music arena, rewarding everyone for taking and sharing photo selfies!

Lyre’s at Big Feastival:

Lyre’s range of ultra high end Non Alcoholic Spirits were keen to sample, to sell and to amplify their premium brand experience to the 45,000 AB1 event goers at The Big Feastival.

To achieve this, they created the Lyre’s vintage style sampling truck for sharing mass sample tasters, a premium cocktail bar experience to create expertly mixed drinks for sale and a stylish social media selfie area for perfectly posed photos of all the beautiful people enjoying their crafted cocktails!

Tasty Veganuary & Healthy Experiential Campaigns - Lyre's at Big Feastival
Retail Listing Service: Tasty Veganuary & Healthy Experiential Campaigns - Medahuman Retail Tour

Medahuman Retail Tour:

When Medahuman launched their new CBD canned drink in WHSmiths, Morrisons, Asda & Booths, most shoppers had little idea of what to expect from the effect of a can.

To remedy this, they used a sip sampling tour of across all their retail stockists to engage shoppers, provide consultative guidance – which resulted in massive sales, peaking at over 200 cans per store per day!

Quorn Veganuary High St Tour:

It’s not just clever PR stunts that make Quorn the UK’s leading veggie & vegan brand, but it’s the taste of their products that keeps customers coming back for more.

Their fully kitted out EV food truck cooked up thousands of hot tasters every day on a tour of the UK’s busiest high streets and office areas during Jan > Feb 2022 delighting both carnivores and herbivores alike!

Tasty Veganuary & Healthy Experiential Campaigns - Quorn Veganuary High St Tour
Tasty Veganuary & Healthy Experiential Campaigns - CleanCo Supermarket Tour

CleanCo Supermarket Tour:

CleanCo’s range of non-alcoholic gin, rum and vodka has achieved widespread national listings in Tesco, Sainsburys and Morrisons; but most shoppers are unfamiliar or uncertain of just how realistic and flavoursome the new generation of clean drinks are.

To increase measurable sales uplifts in as many stores as possible, their sip sampling cocktail cart toured two closely located supermarkets per day; generating a huge AVERAGE sales up lift of 5,863% per stockist across 94 stores; in half that amount of days!

Mockingbird Head Office Tour:

When cold pressed raw juice brand Mockingbird launched, they needed to get the attention of grocery buyers in order to win listings across the mainstream chains of supermarkets.

With a pro-active mindset, they used targeted sampling carts located in front of a wish list of supermarket head offices. The results, speak for themselves: within 18 months, they’re now available at Sainsburys, Asda, Morrisons, Tesco, Waitrose; plus a wide range of other convenience retailers too!

Tasty Veganuary & Healthy Experiential Campaigns - Mockingbird Head Office Tour

So that’s our TOP 10 Tasty Veganuary & Healthy Campaigns of 2022; all devised, organised and activated by Link Communication.

Let us know which one of these tasty choice campaigns makes your number 1!

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