As school holidays start and parents count down the days before schools re-open, now is the perfect time to SWOT UP on these ‘Top of the Class’ examples of how brands have used sampling to reach school kids of different ages!


For bonus points, see if you can spot what common theme runs through all of them, that makes them stand out to our A Grade standard!


Jucee Drinks – Supermarket Roadshow (JUNE > JULY)

Jucee Drinks sampling at Supermarket Roadshow

Princes cordial brand Jucee created a fun brand experience to engage families and children, which included a fruit themed fun bowling game, giant fruit social media selfie area – alongside sampling of their cordials.

The simple bowling game was a hit and attracted lots of attention, prompting discussion with shoppers about the brand while they bowled at cordial bottles to win prizes. Sales targets were smashed too; leading to average sales uplifts of over 235 units per store, per day – across a tour of 60 flagship Tesco and Asda Supermarkets.


Primula Cheese – Nibbles Mouse Club (JULY > AUGUST)

Primula Cheese Sampling at Nibbles Mouse Club

Ah, will look at all those cute kids!? Each holding their own balloon mouse, with bellies full of taster samples of Primula Cheese served with hot pasta, on vegetable dips and even topped on burgers, showing families how versatile Primula is.

The sampling event area also included mouse face painting, giant cheese shaped climbing frames and two mice mascot ccharacters (AKA Mr & Mrs Nibbles!). It toured across family friendly festivals and busy theme parks like Lego Land and Alton Towers in the lead up to the new school term.



Feasters Burgers – Supermarket Roadshow (AUG > SEPT)

Feasters Burgers Sampling at a Supermarket Roadshow

Ready meal Burger brand Feasters created a pop up burger bar to sample tastrs of hot burgers outside of supermarket stockists to help parents understand how convenient and tasty their range of flame grilled burgers are for easy after school dinners.

Each purchase was rewarded with a spin on a Wheel of Fortune Game where shoppers could win some branded ‘back to school’ items like branded pens and goodies. The tour reached over 100 of Asda’s largest and busiest Super centres and Superstores, selling an average of 285 burgers per store, per day.


KFC – University Social Media Tour (SEPT > OCT)

KFC Sampling - University Social Media Tour

It’s not just little kids that go back to school in September; big ones do too! KFC created an interactive social media tour where 18-22 year old university students could vote on Facebook and Instagram for the super stylish KFC food truck and fun mix of branded games to turn up on their university campus!

When the truck visited the universities, students received their free KFC Pulled Chicken Wrap and play on the games, by following KFC on one of their social channels; creating thousands of positive likes and new followers across this media savvy audience group.



Cadbury Hot Chocolate – Happy Winter Tour (OCT > NOV)

Cadbury Hot Chocolate sampling - Happy Winter Tour

In the lead up to winter, Cadbury’s used a branded ice cream van converted to serve warming cups of hot chocolate, alongside a giant woolly bobble hat ‘igloo’ with working fire place and furry purple rugs which kids could sit inside to sip their sample!

High streets and event sites in front of supermarkets across the UK were temporarily turned into a Winter Wonderland with the use of a snow machine and snowmen to create a perfect setting for a memorable brand experience in the middle of autumn!

Q. Did you spot what makes these A Grade campaigns for families?

A. FUN! 🙂


Sampling, positive face to face brand engagement and retail sales conversion are critical components for all of our experiential campaigns; but the additional element that these best in class family friendly campaigns all have in common is that they incorporate an element of FUN in them.

Creating a FUN activity as part of your brand experience elevates your experiential marketing beyond SENSORY engagement, to a higher level that included positive EMOTIONAL engagement too.

Multiple psychological studies in consumer behaviour have clearly proven that sensory engagement combined with emotional engagement creates the longest lasting positive association and recall ability, at point of purchase for your brand.


Want more!? Take a look around our website for more family friendly campaign case studies, fun activity examples and creative ideas!


Sampling, brand engagement and retail sales - family friendly campaigns

The above photos show some other family friendly campaigns from brand leaders including Coca Cola, P&G, Kellogg’s and many more of our clients.


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