Theme Park Sampling



Theme parks are a key part of the summer and school holidays, with over 25,000 teenagers, young adults, and families with young children passing through their gates daily. Theme park sampling can effectively target these target audiences and increase brand awareness.

Make it Fun!

Theme parks are places to have fun, so match the vibe by including fun in your theme park sampling!

Bright colours, character mascots, music and experiential games are popular features for attracting the young, excitable audiences attending the park, adding to their experience of the day and making your brand more memorable as a result.

Primula Cheese Theme Park Sampling Alton Towers

Different Parks for Different Products

While all theme parks are generally made for young, fun, excitement-seeking audiences and families, Legoland and Chessington World of Adventures are visited mainly by young children and families, while Alton Towers and Thorpe Park are visited by thrill-seeking teenagers and young adults.

Matching your product to the exact demographic of each park when theme park sampling is essential for maximum brand outreach and sales uplifts.

Bazooka Juicy Drops Theme Park Sampling at Alton Towers

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