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Reaching shoppers with samples in close proximity to Tescos which are located on high streets, retail parks and shopping malls has repeatedly won the marketing industry award for “The Most Effective Retail Sales Experience’.

This alternative to Tesco’s own in-store offering, enables you to create a visually engaging sampling experience that generated mass scale retail sales growth for your products.

Tesco Express - Lucky Saint, 01 Sampling, Portable sampling carts

Tesco Express – Proximity Sampling

You can engage shoppers in office areas, busy stations, city centres and suburban area high streets. The use of portable sampling carts enables you to be positioned in front of the external entrance areas of these busy stores.

Tesco do not own the Public Highway in front of these stores, so LINK provide regional permits for on street promotion where required.

Grenade Sampling - Tesco Superstores and Tesco Express

Tesco Superstores – Proximity Sampling

These larger format stores are typically located on busy suburban area high streets. Shoppers arrive for both a daily top up and a full weekly shop. The selection of Tesco stores can be aligned to match your consumer profile; and availability of sampling event spaces for portable sampling stations.

Again like the Express stores, Tesco do not own the Public Highway in front of these stores, so LINK provide regional permits for on street promotion where required.

Jucee-Sampling-Asda-and-Tesco-Supermarket-Roadshow, Tesco Extra Supermarket Sampling & Sales Activation Tesco, Experiential Sampling at Tesco Supermarkets with Jucee, shopper marketing, active campaign

Tesco Extra – Proximity Sampling

The largest sized Tesco Extra stores which are located on busy retail parks and shopping malls have bookable event spaces which host experiential sampling event days. These massive sized stores attract upwards of 10,000 shoppers per day and can create equally huge retail sales growth for your brand. Many sampling event days at these sites have created sales of over 500 units SOLD per store, per day.

For full creative control, LINK pay the owners of the privately owned retail parks and shopping malls to be able to site the activity close to the Tesco stores.

Tesco In Store Sampling - Mable with a table for Benecol at Tesco 2022

Tesco In-Store Sampling

LINK can no longer recommend in store sampling at Tesco.

LINK historically offered and organised both in store and car park sampling booked via the official channels with Tesco. Now only Tesco appointed staff can run sampling at Tesco owned sites.  In store may mean a limited sized table, limited catering, limited staffing and limited branding. All of which combine for an equally limited brand experience, limited reach and limited results.

Want to know what really works? Please view the award winning retail sales results of The Most Effective Retail Sales Experience to prove what proximity sampling near Tesco can achieve for your brand.

Increasing your products’ rate of sale by proximity sampling close to Tesco stockists has never been easier. With hundreds of stores to choose, get in touch to explore how proximity sampling close to Tesco stockists could be ideally suited for you.


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Are you looking to grow sales at Tesco stores?


To discuss a bespoke campaign plan to suit your brand and budget, make contact with the expert team at LINK. The experienced campaign planners will guide you through the options for displays, catering and sales activation.

You’ll then receive a fully itemised costed proposal, scalable in size to suit your budget. The costs will typically include everything needed except the sampling stock. All aspects of design, production, store liaison, event staffing, logistics, catering consumables, print and expert reporting will be included to the usual LINK high standard.

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