Tesco Product Sampling

Product sampling for retail sales activation at Tesco Extras and Tesco Superstores is perhaps the most important marketing activity that any FMCG brand can undertake. Tesco allow us to organise the use the areas in front of their supermarkets, to create pop up sampling experiences for your brand, for retail sales activation.

Everything is booked via the official Tesco head office media channels, with hundreds of extra units sent into each store visited. Sampling your products at Tesco supermarkets gives you brand massive off shelf stand out, with a branded event area positioned in front of the main entrance of that store. Our past campaigns have created Tesco sales uplifts upwards of 500 units, per store per day. 

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Each day, your brand will be visible to and engage with thousands of Tesco shoppers, who will discover, try and buy your range. We will help you to plan all aspects of your Tesco marketing, select the most relevant format stores, in the most demographically aligned areas, which stock your widest range. This is then mapped out into a touring roadshow, scaled up or down in size to suit your budgets. You only need to provide us with the art work, stock and Tesco product codes, to allow us to bring the whole experiential marketing experience to life for your brand across Tesco.

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Did you know you can do this at Tesco?

Increasing your products’ rate of sale at Tesco Extra & Superstores has never been easier. With hundreds of stores to choose from the options for targeting are limitless.

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Branded Pop-up Stands

Attention grabbing fully branded stands right outside store entrances perfectly positioned to influence consumers and increase Tesco sales.

Explore the possibilities…

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Product Sampling

Move shoppers straight to the trial stage with a sample of your product so they can make an informed risk free choice.

And here’s why…

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Brand Ambassadors

Let a team of properly briefed promotional professionals inform, educate and entice shoppers with your brand story and product information.

Find out why promotional staff are the very life blood of experiential marketing events…

Supermarket Sampling & Sales Activation, promotion, Experiential Sampling at Tesco Supermarkets, shopper marketing, tesco shopper agency, retail marketing agency, examples

Sales Activation

Use a range of promotional tactics to encourage short and long term Tesco sales whilst rewarding new or existing customers. Helping clients overcome challenges and deliver tangible results is what the team at Link do better than anyone else.

But don’t just take our word for it…

NEW – Safe Sampling marketing available at all formats of Tesco supermarkets

Safe Sampling at Tesco Supermarkets has been creating sales uplifts of over 1,700%. Get in touch to explore Tesco marketing and sales options for retail sales activation using sampling at Tesco Extras, Tesco Superstores and Tesco Express.


What we offer

A fully managed service that covers every detail and leaves no stone unturned. A simple and affordable way of creating real shopper engagement. And a cost effective solution to generating massive sales increase that produces measurable R.O.I.

Store Selection – We work with brands to help them select the most demographically appropriate stores that have the widest range of SKUs focusing on dates that will deliver the largest possible audience

Logistics Support – We help to plan and organise all transportation and storage requirements ensuring everyone and everything is in the right place at the right time

Product Management – Whether it is advance stock uplifts or replenishing sales stock we help to ensure that shelves are full and sales can keep rolling in

Supermarket Product Sampling

Providing shoppers with an opportunity to try a product just as they walk into their preferred point of purchase is the most opportune time to engage prospective customers. They have product purchases top of mind,  they are actively considering what they need and are open to new, interesting or exciting opportunities. Creating effective supermarket sampling campaigns that raises brand awareness and increase product sales requires an in-depth understanding of what is allowed and what can be achieved at each major multiple. With over twenty years of product sampling campaigns to draw upon we know the detailed requirement for each supermarket and what is required to grow product sales in each category.

Get more detail on Supermarket Product Sampling

  • Waitrose

    Waitrose stores are arguably the king of premium high street grocery retailing; and their portfolio of high street stores enable fantastic supermarket sampling opportunities for your brand.

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  • Asda

    Product sampling at Asda Supercentres and Asda Superstores allow massive scale audience reach to budget conscious shoppers who look for great brands, at great value.

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  • Sainsbury's

    Most Sainsbury’s stores are located on busy high streets, either in city centres or in busy suburban retail areas. These busy stores are the best for product sampling at Sainsbury’s, as they have huge audience reach and the ability to host a pop up sampling experience which can be positioned directly in front of their main entrances. 

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  • Morrisons

    Morrison’s have a fantastic array of both massive sized supermarkets and city centre supermarkets, both of which are ideal for supermarket product sampling, experiential marketing and retail sales activation.

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