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FOR 2021

After a year with the nation in lockdown, summer 2021 will be a season of collective celebrations across the UK. If you are tempted to release your brand from its chains and safely re-engage with experience hungry consumers, use this guide to plan your options.

See what you think of our whistle stop tour of our TOP TEN summer hot spots:



10 Wimbledon - Robinsons & KFC

PHOTO: ROBINSONS – collaborated with KFC to promote fruit cordial in KFC restaurants using a set of four customised trikes, sampling to fans at Wimbledon and at big screen events across the UK.

Pre Covid, the last time Wimbledon was cancelled, it took a direct hit from a 500 lb bomb dropped on Centre Court by Nazi war-machines in WW2.

Queues will re-gather around Wimbledon and Murray Mount. Connecting stations will be busy again and big screen viewing events will each connect thousands of fans, to each 120 mph serve.


PHOTO: PORK FARMS PORK PIES – toured a branded catering truck to regional county shows for taste sampling and direct sales.

These outdoor event beacons of traditional British culture attract daily visitors of 20,000 middle aged, middle class consumers, often with their families or friends.

While they retain their agricultural heritage with perfectly groomed livestock, they’ve evolved a major focus on showcasing for the best of British food & drink.



PHOTO: ARLA & McDONALDS MILK sampled their mini bottles of cold milk to thirsty little footballers with a fun goal scoring challenge to test their silky skills.

As any parent will testify, the UK’s children been exposed to an overload of screen time during lockdown while sports fixtures were cancelled!

Now that thousands of matches are back on each weekend, both screaming kids and bored parents will be delighted to receive your samples as they reminisce about how simple life was during lockdown.



Product sampling at beer festival - Exhibitions and Event Activation - Mr Porky - 02PHOTO: MR PORKY’S PORK SCRATCHINGS created a fun event area with taste sampling, direct sales and a championship Beer Pong challenge, touring the UK’s largest beer festivals.

While the banter may have been rife between groups of friends, WhatsApp chat messaging does not compare to an all-day session on the beers with your mates.

With beer lovers locked out of watering holes for longer than they care to remember, any beer festival anywhere will be amongst the most popular events for your brand to be associated with.



PHOTO: KELLOGG’S SPECIAL K PROTEIN – toured a memorable experiential event area with taste sampling, alongside a fun celebratory photo winners podium for social media and printed souvenirs.

For many part time fitness enthusiasts, life in lockdown provided the opportunity to become the self-made athlete that they never previously had time to be.

Now, with muscles primed and Strava league tables to climb, the UK’s fun runs, 10Ks, half marathons, full marathons and muddy obstacle courses will be trampled on like never before.



PHOTO: BUNDABERG GINGER BEER – toured a barrel shaped bar to visually show their barrel brewed USP, with sampling, a fun throwing game, social media and direct sales show deals.

Irrespective of what any marketeer tells you, when most people do their weekly grocery shop, they want to get in and out as fast as possible; buying what they know or what’s on offer.

Food festivals are the polar opposite. People arrive with their antennae up. They’re keen to explore, taste and learn all about the brands on show. They’re perfect for sampling, sales and social media.



PHOTO: KELLOGG’S KRAVE – handed out a whopping 600,000 mini boxes of cereal outside of the UK’s top 40 music festivals and youth culture events to reach, feed and engage with hungry teens.

Dem youf is well up for it, d’ya ge mi fam? For brands keen to authentically engage with Millennials, you should be stood with them, shoulder to should at the event that define their identities.

While digital is their primary channel of choice, attending events either inside or on the approach still allows you to amplify your brand’s presence at them. But was you there bro; was you even there!?




Link Communication - Pampelle Safe Sampling at WaitrosePHOTO: Pampelle Grapefruit Aperitif – used the new generation of Safe Sampling bar counters to safely engage shoppers and activate seasonal retail sales growth at supermarket stockists during summer 2020.

2021 is the year of the ‘summer stay-cation’. With most countries behind the vaccination curve, restrictions on travel means even more time at home.

With global warming heating things up (AKA next global crisis) BBQs, garden parties and opportunities for entertaining at home will keep suburban area supermarkets packed.



PHOTO: FULFIL NUTRITION – added Covid safety screens to its sampling van, trays and sampling staff to safely engage all types of people enjoying time in their local area park, during summer 2020.

Even for people with gardens at home, lockdown has made us all bored with our own four walls. Local area suburban parks are hubs for socialising, exercising and relaxing.

Sampling vans, trikes and roaming teams can safely reach your brand into the busiest parks across relevant suburbs and catch people when they’re open and interested to try your produce.



Here it is: the number ONE recommendation for Summer Sampling in 2021!

PHOTO: GARNIER AMBRE SOLAIRE – used roaming sampling teams to apply their sun cream, demonstrate the new propelled spray can and get up close and personal with British beach bodies.

Sampling around busy British beaches during summertime is awesome any year; but in 2021 it will be busier and better than ever.

Coastal towns on every side of this island nation will be packed with British holiday makers. By getting out of the cities and on to the coast, your brand can be a highlight of their holiday!

Tactical Product Sampling

PHOTO: BOOTS SOLTAN SUNCREAM  – used roaming sampling teams to present sun cream sachets and drive sales into local Boots stores.


Remember to add SAFE SAMPLING equipment and processes into your activity plans. Let’s make 2021 a glorious year to remember for you brand – for all the RIGHT reasons!


Send us a postcard or email – and we will arrange your brand’s perfect holiday!

Because you NEVER KNOW just who you might be able to reach! (Yes, that is ex Prime Minster David Cameron!).

Get in touch for expert advice, flexible proposals and make 2021 a year to remember (for all the RIGHT reasons!).

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