Supermarket Sampling

Supermarket Sampling Drives Massive Uplift In Sales & Engagement

Your supermarket stockists are the most effective location for using product sampling to create huge volume, immediate and repeat sales uplifts for your stocked range. By positioning your branded event area in front of the main entrance to the stores, you can present your brand messaging, visual displays and perfectly presented product samples to literally thousands of shoppers when they are most receptive.

Unlike most advertising on TV, radio or social media, product sampling at retailers reaches prospective customers when they are in active buying most, with empty trolleys and hungry bellies. To massively elevate the customer engagement, this should be executed in front of the main entrance of each store and not on the aisles. Based on multiple studies and like for like campaign spends, experiential sampling at supermarkets provides you with EIGHT times the audience reach of sampling on supermarket aisles; and EIGHT times sales uplifts.

While it may often be called carpark supermarket sampling, it really means in front of store. When organised with the psychological consumer sales principals which we put into our promotional sampling activities, it becomes the strongest form of sales conversion – and is available for your use across all chains of supermarkets including Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Waitrose, Booths; or wherever else your products are sold.

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Experiential Marketing at Supermarkets Jucee Campaign



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