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    Marketing Industry Student Work Placements

Want some real life marketing agency experience?
We have 24 years of it, to share with you!

Find out what it’s like to complete your marketing internship with LINK’s AWARD WINNING TEAM!

2019 Gold Award Winners - Link Communication

Why get work experience with LINK?

Challenge yourself in an industry leading agency, with a varied, creative and professional job role where you will learn a vast array of new skills and knowledge will give yourself and your CV the edge you need to be better than the competition.

The job market is full of highly qualified young graduates. What you do while studying and the professional experience you have developed outside of academia can give you the edge needed for your first choice of career.

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The role:  The tasks you will be trained up on include a mix of:

  • MARKETING CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT: Assisting with the implementation, management and success of allocated projects, reporting on current campaigns to managers and clients as directed
  • LOGISTICS & PLANNING: Organising staff applications, promotional material for campaigns and delivery logistics. Effective and swift distribution of equipment for live campaigns.
  • CUSTOMER DATABASE MANAGEMENT: Expanding, updating and confirming marketing industry contacts, creating specific sub sections of customer databases and managing communication to each.
Student work placements
  • DIRECT & SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: Design, creation and production of innovative direct marketing tools such as letters, brochures, rate cards mailers and social media marketing.
  • NEWSLETTERS: Creation of high impact and researched industry specific newsletters to closely targeted user groups with follow ups. Inclusive of HTML emails and tracking of readership.
  • WEBSITE UPDATES: Website copywriting, SEO, Adwords, creation of relevant articles, webpage improvements, new features and creating new case studies based on live campaign.
  • PUBLIC RELATIONS: Advance awareness of relevant industry specific press coverage through research into editorial article, business publications, news stories and award submissions.
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The duration, days and hours of the role are flexible to suit your availability.   Placements can be for a number of months, weeks or on flexible days. A normal week for placement starts at 09.00am and finished at 17.00pm, Mon to Fri. Part time days are also available too. During the training you will learn how to use or improve your skills using CRM systems like Hubspot, website building tools like WordPress, expert level Linkedin, PowerPoint and many more.

You will also get to explore the UK and work outside of the office too! As an experiential marketing agency, we are always running marketing event days at festivals, train stations, shopping areas, trade shows and retailers. You`ll be offered to chance to work at a selection of these event days across the UK!

Every day brings something new, but you wil be guided through to learn how to complete each new task, to our standards of excellence. You’ll work alongside our team of motivated, committed professionals expert at what they do, who will help guide you to reach your goals and deadlines, without getting stressed about it!

How to apply for grants: Ask your college or university if you can receive funding. If you are an Erasmus student considering an internship your university can clearly explain the procedures for obtaining the financial scholarship. You can also take a look at this guide here: https://www.britishcouncil.org/sites/default/files/erasmus_work_placement_guide_2013.pdf

Or – if you are a student in UK take a look at this blog: https://www.savethestudent.org/student-jobs/the-ultimate-guide-to-internships.html

The friendly staff at LINK are available to answer all your questions and will help you with filling the documents if needed.


Click this link for our leaflet on the placement opportunity: LEAFLET DOWNLOAD HERE

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Want to know more about it?

LINK is an ideal place for your placement! Get in touch with your proposed placement dates and some info about who you are, where you are coming from and what you want to get out of your time working with us!

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