With over 2,500 stores to pick from SPAR is one of the most important Convenience Retailers to achieve retail sales growth for your brand. You can use LINK to activate targeted sampling at their largest, busiest stores in the UK and Ireland generating immediate and sustained retail sales.   

SPAR – Front of Store Sampling

You can use portable front of store sampling to engage shoppers and drive sales outside of SPAR stores across the UK. Link can help you design, build and staff a compact sampling experience to engage all shoppers walking past and going into each target SPAR sampling store.

The event team will help you choose the most relevant and best-selling stores for your product demonstration to drive measurable sales results for your brand.

SPAR – In-store Sampling

For more remote Spar stores inside sampling may be both the most economical and effective option. The indoor position means a smaller sized sampling counter can be used to meet and greet all shoppers with your samples on arrival.

LINK will guide you on the options to design, build, staff your SPAR retail sampling campaign at the busiest and highest yield retail stores across the UK for measurable sales results.


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Are you looking to grow sales at SPAR?


To discuss a bespoke campaign plan to suit your brand and budget, make contact with the expert team at LINK. The experienced campaign planners will guide you through the options for displays, catering and sales activation.

You’ll then receive a fully itemised costed proposal, scalable in size to suit your budget. The costs will typically include everything needed except the sampling stock. All aspects of design, production, store liaison, event staffing, logistics, catering consumables, print and expert reporting will be included to the usual LINK high standard.

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