LINK Sampling Carts provide a versatile, cost effective and customisable way to present your brand identity and product samples. They can be fitted out for catering with hot plates, hobs, grills, BBQs, fridges, freezers or ambient displays. Designed for both outdoor and indoor use on high streets, stations, supermarkets, expos and events.

Ambient catering cart -

Ambient Sampling Cart

The standard set up for a catering cart provides ambient storage underneath and on the counter top table area. This is ideal for sampling a wide range of products such as snacks, confectionery, cereals, etc. Cool boxes can be used underneath for smaller scale cold holding (eg: accompaniments like milk, ice etc).

Rubies Ketchup, Supermarket Sampling Campaign Hot Oven Catering Carts

Hot Oven Sampling Cart

The portable sampling carts can be fitted with all types of catering equipment. For portable hot ovens, the lower cupboard can house a gas canister, securely connected to a gas convection oven. This allows for hot sampling of oven chips, pizzas, meats, veggie bakes and all other types of oven based foods.

Hot sampling cart gas hobs - Experiential Marketing With Lee Kum Kee Cereal in Waitrose Supermarkets, shopper marketing, Waitrose shopper agency, retail marketing agency, examples

Gas Hob or Grill Catering Cart

The carts can be fitted with gas hobs for using woks, frying pans and cooking pots. This can be a real flame gas hob, with a protective heat shield fitted with external graphics. Alternatively it can be a barbecue grill for burgers, sausages or vegetables. A gas hot plate enables catering for cheese toasties and all types of griddled hot foods.

Cold sip sampling cart - Lucky Saint

Cold Drinks Sip Sampling Cart

The table top serving counters on the sampling carts can be fitted with sunken ice chests for cold drink sip sampling. These can be filled with sampling stock for fast cooling. There is also adequate display space for both samples and packaged displays. The under counter area can then be used for ambient storage (like sip cups and flyers) or a cool box if extra cold holding is of use.

Custom Shaped Sip Sampling Cart - Sproud, Non Dairy Mlk Sip Sampling tour of Waitrose

Custom Design Catering Cart

All the carts are designed and built in house at LINK HQ. The shape of their roof, width, length and graphics is a creative canvas, unique to your brand. They are also built to last. Heavy duty wheels help it roll onto location, with lockable casters to stop it moving. The roofs are de mountable,for easy transport in vans. The graphics easily replaceable when needed. MAKE CONTACT to discuss a sampling cart ideally sited for your brand.

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