MayTea Iced Tea: Safe Sampling at Morrisons Supermarkets

What is S.A.F.E. Sampling?

Link Communicaiton - Safe Sampling Cart with AR for Pink Lady, Dec 2020

S = Screens     Screens create physical barriers to prevent the spread of Covid and are fitted to all types of Safe Sampling equipment. Sampling staff also wear clear face screens – providing two layers of physical barriers for complete safety.

A = Areas     The sampling units create two clear areas for distance separation, with physical barriers and adequate safety space between customers and recipients. The sampling staff area is behind the cart and the customer area is in front of the cart.

F = Food Handling     Safe Sampling food handling process ensures that all samples are individually presented through the serving hatch, with no opportunity for cross contamination. Any waste items (such as sip cups) are recycled using a contactless waste bin.

E = Effective     Creating the most effective brand experiences is the corner stone of every Link Communication campaign. In both supermarkets and convenience retail environments it’s what we consecutively achieve marketing industry awards for.

Why use Link for Safe Sampling?

For the past 24 years, Link Communication have been creating Safe Sampling campaigns for a huge array of brands with all types of complex catering requirements, allergy management and environmental considerations.

Now during Covid, who better to safely ensure that your product sampling is carried out with full responsibility and safety, to allow you to effectively engage with your target audiences.

Explore the new Safe Sampling process, equipment and methods that ensure your campaigns deliver both positive brand experiences and retail sales growth.

4 High Street Supermarkets Safe Sampling for Fulfil Nutrition

Where can I run a Safe Sampling campaign, during Covid?

Our top FIVE recommended locations where you can effectively, confidently and responsibly useSafe-Samplingto secure new audiences for your brand include:

  • In Front of Supermarkets
  • On Suburban Area High Streets
  • Outside of Convenience Retailers
  • Door to Door Sampling
  • Popular Urban Area Parks
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Safe Sampling Equipment Production

To make it completely safe, your sampling campaign includes the following safety measures:

  • Clear screens for friendly and safe face to face interaction
  • Individual serving hatch for hygienic sample presentation
  • Social distancing signage on the floor and at eye level
  • Touch free hand sanitiser with usage encouragement

Get in touch and we will guide you on the most suitable event kit, from a range of sampling trays, tables, sampling carts, branded delivery trikes or sampling vans to suit both your stockist and your budgets.

Explore more on Safe Sampling equipment here.

Safe sampling cart - hot sampling

Which retailers are most important to you?

Link work across ALL chains of supermarkets and conmvenience retailers so can guide you on the optimised strategy to make your Safe Sampling work, within the current restrictions. There are still effective options for Safe Sampling at all retailers!

The compact format of both convenience retailers and the busy high streets which they are located on means that smaller format, portable sampling set ups often attain the greatest results.

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Door to door residential sampling

Door to Door Residential Sampling

You can use Link Communication’s fully guaranteed, tailor made door to door sample and print delivery service to ensure your print material is effectively and quickly delivered into all types of properties, in your target areas, timed to suit the needs of your communication.

You are able to select your door to door coverage area based on flexible targeting criteria to suit your needs and can include all properties within a set distance from your retail stockists.

Explore some Safe Sampling Case Studies

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