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Safe Sampling Equipment

MayTea Iced Tea: Safe Sampling at Morrisons Supermarkets
Safe Sampling
Link Communication - Pampelle Safe Sampling at Waitrose
Safe Sampling

Design, Build and Expert Activation

Safe Sampling is a new area of experiential design, which has been pioneered by Link Communication in 2020, following the impact of the Corona virus.

These new ‘safe sampling’ designs will enable your brand to re-engage with your target audiences, rebuilding both your consumer confidence and your retail sales.

Safe sampling cart

Safe Sampling Equipment Specification

Your new sampling event kit should be uniquely designed to reflect your unique brand personality, the needs of your on site catering – and also now include the following remit of ‘safe sampling’ upgrades:

  • Clear screens for friendly and safe face to face interaction
  • Individual serving hatch for hygienic sample presentation
  • Social distancing signage on the floor and at eye level
  • Touch free hand sanitiser with usage encouragement
Safe Sampling Equipment

Retailer Specific Event Areas

As Link Communication is uniquely placed in the design, planning and execution of sampling roadshows across ALL chains of supermarkets, convenience retailers and other types of locations – you can tap into our ability to design safe sampling event areas that suit both your brand and your wish list of target sampling location.

Please browse some of the below examples for ideas – and then get in touch to explore safe sampling options for your own brand.

Get in touch to explore safe sampling design and build ideas, for your brand:

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