Link Communications Awarded a Bronze in The Most Effective Retail Sales Experience for 2022

With over 25 years of FMCG Sales and Marketing expertise, the LINK listing team are dedicated to helping you get your idea and brand onto shelf and into customers kitchens. We offer a comprehensive menu of services wherever you are on your brand journey to ensure you get the best position with the right retail partners to succeed.

The step by step cycle of brand development needed to win retail listings includes:

Retail Listing Service: Dolphin Fitness Gym New Customer Data Capture Lead Generation Teams Across London

Brand Health Check

This is where we really get under the skin of your brand and how the market will perceive it. It’s positioning and personality, what it will mean to your consumers, we identify its core values and its reason for customers to believe as well as it’s tone of voice and importantly it’s mission in the marketplace. We work with you to really clarify this and develop an excellent foundation for your brand strategy and place in the market. A vital bedrock for success and longevity

Product Sampling, product seeding with True Nopal

Market & Consumer Analysis

Our insight team offer a comprehensive map of your potential market. Who are the key retailers, in what channels and how are they driving the market. This picture will offer an overview of the market across all areas and a deep dive into market performance, trends, competitors and growth forecasts. We also provide a detailed picture of your consumers, their attitudes and behaviours and their key drivers to purchase in your market. We look at the channels they buy in and their core purchasing decisions and actions to careful align your brand with what they really want.

Retail Listing Service: Tasty Veganuary & Healthy Experiential Campaigns - Medahuman Retail Tour

Category Insight

This is a deep dive into vital category data and what it means for you and your brand. Here we provide a breakdown of brands, products, price points and promotional strategy in each of the key market channel and retailers. We also unwrap performance and importantly the gaps and opportunities for you to get a detailed picture of where your brand could sit, why it could fit and how it will perform.

Retail Listing Service: Waitrose sampling retail sales activation

Strategic & Tactical Plan Creation

The Strategic Plan is where we pull all of the insight and data together into a cohesive direction and a roadmap to success. Our experts craft a comprehensive strategic direction for the future growth of your brand and how to deliver it. The plan will give you your short, medium and long term blueprint for growth and all landmarks on the journey. Within the plan we also offer a trade and consumer marketing tactical or campaign plan to ensure all activity drives sales and the evolution of your brand.

Retail Listing Service: Tesco, Asda Supermarket Product Sampling with Princes

Sales Development

Taking your brand to market in the right channels and with the right retail partners is crucial to success. LINK identify your target buyers and decision makers and develop compelling stories and proposals for each potential customer based on solid data, insights and understanding of their needs. Each target has a bespoke approach to ensure their gaps and opportunities for your brand are matched with pin-point accuracy every time.

Retail Listing Service: Product Sampling with Frenchs

Launch & Unlocking Your Brand’s Potential

Our activation team is dedicated to ensuring a smooth launch and future for your brand. All commercial aspects can be handled from commercial negotiations on Joint Business Plans to supply chain and corporate governance to ensure a smooth launch. We also support you in the all important birth of your brand in retail and plan for future success.


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    Campaign mission

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    Activity Location Options

    Which types of locations are of most potential interest

    Key Retailers: Major Supermarkets / Convenience Retailers / Discount Retailers
    High Footfall Locations: Eg: High streets / Train Stations / Suburban High Streets
    Targeted Consumer Events: Eg: Food Festivals / Athletic Events / Niche Events
    Exhibitions & Trade Shows: Eg: Lunch! / National Convenience Show / Grocery Aid
    Somewhere else? Eg: Head Offices / National Landmarks / Media Houses / etc

    Key Stockists

    Please list the most important stockists to drive sales uplifts to

    Supermarkets: Asda / Morrisons / Tesco / Sainsburys / Tesco / Waitrose / other
    Convenience & Discount Retailers: Co-op / Iceland / Discount Retailers / Independent



    Fan Oven
    Warming Cupboard
    Commercial Microwave
    Commercial Air Fryer
    Convection Oven
    Pizza Oven
    Deep Fat Fryer
    Bain Marie
    Water Boiler


    Which types of job roles do you expect will be required from LINK?

    Promotional Staff – roaming sampling, consumer interaction
    Catering Chef – takes the lead on food preparation and efficient catering
    Catering Support – sample prep support cleaning, stock replenishment runs, etc
    Social Media Staff – encourages participation and sharing on social media
    Game Play Staff – organising interactions and rewarding participation



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