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    Remote Student Work Placement – for Marketing Experience

Want some real life marketing agency experience – from the comfort of your own home? Now you can, with our Remote Work Placement Experience!

What is a remote placement?

Find out what it’s like to complete your marketing internship with Link Communication’s multi-award winning team from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!

A remote placement is working from anywhere outside the traditional office environment. That means your student home, your parental home or wherever you are today! Due to Covid and Brexit many travel options are restricted, so Remote Placements provide a more flexible way to fit placements in with your studies.

Working from home removes the need to travelling to or from work, making you more time efficient and productive!


Remote work placements

The tasks you will be trained up on include a mix of:






What do you need for your Remote Student Work Placement?

  • A computer with a decent internet connection. is the most important piece of kit
  • Good English! You’ll need to chat with the Link team and write professionally.
  • FULL TIME – a few months (45 / 60 / 90 days) is best for an optimal experience.
  • PART TIME – a couple of regular days each week for a couple of months.
  • A good brain, willing to learn! We have a lot of marketing skills to teach!
Remote work placement


My Personal Placement Experience

Hi, I’m Manisha and I’ve been working with Link Communication for three months as a part-time remote employee while studying and also holding down a part-time job.

I study psychology at Leeds Trinity University, however, I was particularly drawn to this placement opportunity as I have a personal interest in consumer psychology and what anticipates buyer behavior by understanding our cognitive biases.

During my placement, I have learnt so many new business and marketing skills! Audience planning, communications scheduling, visual email marketing and even website design (I created this page!).

From this placement experience, I have worked with senior members of the Link team who have shared their skills and insight. This has helped me to refine my professional skills such as:

-Strong interpersonal and communication skills: As they help me build an understanding of the consumer and their needs.

-Strong IT skills: Learning new IT skills in many fields has been very helpful in everyday life. In addition to being able to store and present market data effectively using computer technology.

-Strong understanding marketing strategies, goals, and tactics: Being able to plan a wide range of different types of  campaigns and how to go about implementing them.


Why you should do your placement with Link Communication?

Link Communication is an award-winning experiential marketing agency that creates effective brand experiences that drive growth for brands, using consumer psychology and promotional sampling, integrated into experiential marketing to create measurable retail sales results.

Get the boost you may need for your CV, make yours stand out more with experience from one of the industry’s leading agencies!




Find out more about Remote Placements here!

Link Communication is an ideal place for your placement. Get in touch with your proposed placement dates and some info about who you are, where you are coming from and what you want to get out of your time working with us!

The friendly staff at Link are available to answer all your questions and will help you with filling the documents if needed.



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