Retail Listing Service: Product Sampling with Frenchs

Sampling to Trade Audiences

You can use well briefed teams of professional brand ambassadors to present your products to your trade audiences in the actual environments which they are designed for – in order to achieve long term brand adoption and new trade listings.

Rather than attend costly trade shows and try to attract the interest of trade audiences as they hopefully walk past your stand – you can take your products and presentations directly to them; when you can have their sole focus.

You can gift your products to them for free, for 100% acceptance. Once onboard, you can then open up a sales channel to them with a strong on the day sales offer (like a BOGOF) and a link to your wholesaler or distributor for long term, repeat purchases.

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Accurate Business Targeting

Pre-planned mapping and advance geographic research allows our coverage to reach into thousands of relevant business, that are exactly aligned to your needs.

The location selections are flexible to suit your product sector. Some commonly used example types of audiences for Product Seeding include:

  • Independent Convenience Retailers
  • Independent Take-aways & Restaurants
  • Construction Industry & Building Sites
  • Gyms & Health Clubs
  • Hair & Beauty Salons
  • Nurseries & Child Care
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Other Specialist Facilities
Product Sampling, product seeding with True Nopal

Winning New Listings & Data Capture

You can present whole case loads of stock to each target business – in exchange for a trial listing, quickly expanding your retailer stockists.

On site, the presentation teams can demonstrate your products, give tasters, show usages – and collect high value data capture (such as email address and personnel information), allowing for follow up contact and feedback, post sample delivery.

Alongside the samples, you can also present your trade specific print material, posters, POS materials or other promotional goodies too.

Q1 Product Seeding to Trade Audiences - Huggies Pull Ups

Advance Planning & Post Delivery Feedback

You will receive detailed records of all locations where your products have been seeded into.

Where relevant, the head office campaign management team can place phone calls in advance to warm the recipients in advance, obtain contact details and agree timings – so that the delivery teams walk into an open door.

If desired, the head office campaign management teams at LINK HQ can then put in follow up phone calls to the recipients, to gauge their feedback, detail it into a report – and sell in further purchases of trade deals too.

Find out about how Product Seeding can help your brand grow, by getting in touch today!


    Your Details


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    Campaign mission

    Please rank the below campaign goals in order 1 to 5









    Activity Location Options

    Which types of locations are of most potential interest

    Key Retailers: Major Supermarkets / Convenience Retailers / Discount Retailers
    High Footfall Locations: Eg: High streets / Train Stations / Suburban High Streets
    Targeted Consumer Events: Eg: Food Festivals / Athletic Events / Niche Events
    Exhibitions & Trade Shows: Eg: Lunch! / National Convenience Show / Grocery Aid
    Somewhere else? Eg: Head Offices / National Landmarks / Media Houses / etc

    Key Stockists

    Please list the most important stockists to drive sales uplifts to

    Supermarkets: Asda / Morrisons / Tesco / Sainsburys / Tesco / Waitrose / other
    Convenience & Discount Retailers: Co-op / Iceland / Discount Retailers / Independent



    Fan Oven
    Warming Cupboard
    Commercial Microwave
    Commercial Air Fryer
    Convection Oven
    Pizza Oven
    Deep Fat Fryer
    Bain Marie
    Water Boiler


    Which types of job roles do you expect will be required from LINK?

    Promotional Staff – roaming sampling, consumer interaction
    Catering Chef – takes the lead on food preparation and efficient catering
    Catering Support – sample prep support cleaning, stock replenishment runs, etc
    Social Media Staff – encourages participation and sharing on social media
    Game Play Staff – organising interactions and rewarding participation



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