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Product sampling at Sainsbury with Mighty Pea, active campaign, affiliate marketing, shopper marketing

What’s the Top Line?

  • Position an effective sampling experience at the front entrance of busy stockists.
  • Engage all shoppers on arrival with your taster samples & key messaging.
  • Create easily measurable, immediate and sustained retail sales growth.
Supermarket Sampling & Sales Activation Tesco, Experiential Sampling at Tesco Supermarkets, shopper marketing, Tesco shopper agency, retail marketing agency, active campaign

Why Do I Need to Do This?

  • Make new launches stick, driving real retail sales growth for your priority lines.
  • Re-invigorate tired lines, creating new growth at full RRP & prevent de-listing.
  • Create massive scale Rate Of Sales to show both existing & prospective buyers.
Link Communication Supermarket Sampling - Shoppers Sampling Frenchs

Which Stores Can I Cover?

  • Supermarkets: Tesco, Sainsbury’s ASDA, Morrisons, Waitrose, Booths, Lidl, Aldi, Iceland etc.
  • Convenience Retailers: Tesco Express, Sainsbury’s Local, WHSmiths, Budgens, Boots, B&M, etc.
  • Specialist: Holland & Barrett, Whole Foods, Planet Organic, John Lewis, Independents, etc.


Product sampling at Sainsbury with Crosta & Mollica, active campaign, affiliate marketing, shopper marketing

Sainsbury’s Product Sampling

You can activate your retail sales growth across Sainsbury’s using sampling. The optimised way to activate at Sainsbury’s is flexible to suit your store listing and budget. LINK will guide you through the options and provide you with the most effective method to create both immediate and measurable retail sales growth for your brand. Sainsbury’s offer huge audience reach and the ability to host a pop up sampling experience which can be positioned directly in front of their main entrances. 

Sainsburys Supermarket Sampling

In front of stores or inside of the main entrance foyers. From Sainsbury’s locals in stations and high streets, to the largest format Sainsbury’s Superstores are all available to sample at. Sainsbury’s allow experiential sampling experience in their stores, to engage Sainsbury’s shoppers on arrival. LINK will either book the event sites via the official channels or provide effective options for any sized budget.

Princes - Tesco Asda Supermarket Sampling Car Parks (12)

ASDA Product Sampling

Product sampling at ASDA Supercentres and ASDA Superstores allow massive scale audience reach to budget conscious shoppers who look for great brands, at great value. With so many brands available in these large format stores, experiential product sampling at ASDA (also known as ASDA car park sampling), will deliver huge scale brand exposure and sales for your brand. By positioning the event area in front of each ASDA, you reach buyers in active buying mode, before they start their shopper journey.

Supermarket Sampling & Sales Activation at Asda Supermarket with Mexicana Cheese, promotion, Experiential Sampling at Tesco Supermarkets, shopper marketing, Tesco shopper agency, retail marketing agency, examples

While we can and do organise in store sampling or on aisle sampling at ASDA, we do not recommend it in comparison with the level of brand engagement, outreach and sales uplift that your brand can achieve by setting up a brand experience sampling area in front the entrance area to a large ASDA supermarket. ASDA allow full creative control to create and tour an attractively styled supermarket sampling event area in front of their largest format stores. We will help you to select the largest stores, in the most relevant areas, which house the widest range of your stock to undertake your supermarket sampling roadshow. Get in touch to discuss your campaign with us today.

Product sampling at Morrisons with May Tea, Covid safe, active campaign, affiliate marketing, shopper marketing

Morrisons Product Sampling

Morrison’s have a fantastic array of both massive sized supermarkets and city centre supermarkets, both of which are ideal for supermarket product sampling, experiential marketing and retail sales activation.

We can create a pop up experiential marketing experience to present your brand, sampling your stocked range and create huge volume sales growth across Morrisons largest format, flagship sized supermarkets.

Supermarket Sampling & Sales Activation Morrisons, Experiential Sampling at Asda Supermarkets with AVA Berries, shopper marketing, Morrisons shopper agency, retail marketing agency, active campaign

Many of Morrisons’ stores are located in busy city centre high street locations and also in busy suburban retail areas. These types of locations enable us to create a compact pop up sampling experience in front of the main entrances of their stores, to engage thousands of shoppers on arrival. With expert guidance, we will select the most relevant stores, which will deliver the highest yield sales results for your brand.

Tesco supermarket product sampling for CleanCo
Tesco Sampling

Tesco – Proximity Sampling

Proximity product sampling in front of or close to Tesco Extras, Tesco Superstores and Tesco Express stores is one of the most effective marketing activities that any FMCG brand can undertake to create increased Rate of Sales.

Tesco do not own the sampling event areas on high streets, shopping malls and retail parks with Tesco stores located on them. LINK use these spaces to create pop up sampling experiences for your brand, with full creative control.

Jucee-Sampling-Asda-and-Tesco-Supermarket-Roadshow, Tesco Extra Supermarket Sampling & Sales Activation Tesco, Experiential Sampling at Tesco Supermarkets with Jucee, shopper marketing, active campaign

Proximity sampling enables your brand experience to be visible to and engage with thousands of shoppers, who will see, try and buy your range.

The retail sales results speak for themselves. Tesco proximity sampling campaigns repeatedly achieve hundreds of sales per store per day. They have also won multiple awards for ‘The Most Effective Retail Sales Experience’ at The Field Marketing & Brand Experience Industry Awards. …Will your campaign be next!?

Experiential Marketing With True Nopal in Waitrose Supermarkets, shopper marketing, Waitrose shopper agency, retail marketing agency, examples

Waitrose Product Sampling

Waitrose stores are arguably the king of premium high street grocery retailing; and their portfolio of high street stores enable fantastic supermarket sampling opportunities for your brand. Their main entrances open out onto busy high streets, often located close to busy tube stations, shopping streets and office areas, where we can present thousands of your product samples to Waitrose shoppers.

Safe Sampling at Waitrose Supermarkets with Crosta & Mollica, Covid safe, active campaign, affiliate marketing, shopper marketing

We will help guide and then supply you with the attractively style sampling set up that is ideally suited for Waitrose stores, pick out the most relevant tours and create a supermarket sampling roadshow plan that is ideally suited to both fit with your budget and create measurable sales uplifts for your brand.

Supermarket Sampling Case Studies

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