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Each city centre and suburban retail area has a range of effective location options for using product sampling to engage shoppers and convert purchases for your brand. The tens of thousands of people that pass-by and shop at high street convenience stores make them ideal locations for your product sampling campaigns.
We will guide you on the most suitable event kit, from a range of sampling trays, tables, sampling carts, branded delivery trikes or sampling vans to suit both your stockist and your budgets.



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Sampling in front of convenience retailers

Sampling directly in front of or close to the main entrance to your convenience retail stockist, is often the most effective way to create large scale awareness for your brand and huge volume sales growth. This works best when your stockists are located on busy streets, such as retail areas, business districts or close to commuter stations.

Safe Sampling at Waitrose Supermarkets with Crosta & Mollica, Covid safe, active campaign, affiliate marketing, shopper marketing

Many smaller scale convenience retails do not have the aisle or foyer space available inside their stores for setting up sampling, so sampling in front of them works best. The opportunities for creating impact using an attractively branded sampling units such as a branded sampling cart or delivery trike set up on the pavement in front of their stores, allows both shoppers entering the store and those passing by it to see your brand, try your samples – and then go into the store to make their purchases.

The compact format of both the individual retailers and the busy high streets which they are located on means that smaller format, portable sampling set ups actually attain the greatest results.

Coop - Product Sampling for Seattle's Best Coffee

We will guide you on the range of equipment, locations and sampling methods to ensure that your activity results in large sales conversion. These city centre locations are also a great opportunity for social media too, with many shoppers and passers by willing to create and share a positive post, with a little incentive.

Safe Sampling at Waitrose Supermarkets, active campaign, affiliate marketing, shopper marketing, promotion

Sampling on aisle, inside convenience retailers

Many retailers actively encourage sampling from inside their stores, in order to engage their shoppers and convert purchase. This can either be set up in the foyer area of their store to greet customers on arrival or can also be located close to the normal stock position on aisle. This type of product sampling can use compact catering equipment, a branded table counter or portable presentation tray.

Convenience retailer Sampling at Waitrose Supermarkets with Holland and Barrett, active campaign, affiliate marketing, shopper marketing, promotion

You can use in store sampling on aisle at many stores, including Planet Organic, Wholefoods, WH Smiths, Budgens, Holland & Barrett amongst a wide array of others. This can either be conducted by itself – or works best when conducted in conjunction with sampling in front of store, in order to extend the outreach to passers-by, in addition to those already shopping in that retailer. Get in touch to explore the options and receive guidance to help you plan your in store sampling campaign.

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Department store sampling

The large format department stores such as John Lewis, Debenhams, Marks & Spencer’s, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and many others – all permit sampling in front of their store entrances, inside their entrance foyers and also on their aisles.

Each location has its own merits, so sampling often work best when conducted across of mix of these locations in order to reach potential passers-by, greet shoppers on arrival to direct them to the stock location – and then convert them to purchase when browsing on aisle.

On aisle supermarket product Sampling, active campaign, affiliate marketing, shopper marketing, promotion

These large format stores are ideal for using product sampling to support product launches, give demonstrations and for seasonal sales boosts. Get in touch to explore our expert guidance born from years of experience, to form a campaign plan that will deliver results for your brand.

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Retail sampling at train and tube stations

Train, tube, metro and bus station offer access to millions of professionals every working day, and the convenience retailers inside these stations are ideal locations for large scale sampling and sales activation. Many retailers such as Tesco Express, Boots, Co-op and WH Smiths have their busiest stores inside these stations; and an effective sampling campaign can create immediate on the date sales uplifts of over 500 units, per store per day.

The repetitive nature of most people’s working patterns and journeys to their office makes these a highly lucrative sampling site for brands to focus in on, as new purchasing habits become engrained leading to lasting, long term sales growth for the product ranges being sampled and sold.

Convenience product Sampling with Sparkling Ice

While the retailers are often located inside of the stations, the position of the sampling teams can be organised inside the store, inside the station or in front of it. This is flexible to suit both the retailer, the need for experiential event space and the campaign budgets. Sampling within the concourse of large scale train stations access an audience reach in the hundreds of thousands per station per day – and is ideal for sampling events that require static event space for a more immersive brand experience. 

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