How product sampling raises awareness, encourages trial and delivers sales.

Product sampling is the most effective way of getting your products into the hands, minds, mouths – and shopping baskets of your consumers. This type of experiential marketing at supermarkets fast tracks the consumer through initial awareness, trial, evaluation and purchase – so is arguably the most powerful form of marketing available for any fast moving consumer good (FMGC) brand. Product sampling has evolved. Experiential product sampling at supermarkets, convenience retailers, high streets, train stations and events means that your brand is no longer restricted to ‘Mable with a table’ style supermarket sampling as has been so poorly implemented at many chains of supermarket.

Effective experiential promotional sampling strategies now allow you to create an attractively styled brand experience that really does reflect your brand and present your produce in the vest best possible light. Don’t think that product sampling simply means giving your valuable products away for free. Any low skilled person with a table or tray of tasters can do that; but the goal of product sampling at supermarkets is to create huge scale sales growth and long term, loyal brand advocates for your brand.

This is what we achieve to a gold award winning standard, following over 20 years’ of daily practise and focused insight, which provides us with our unique level of industry expertise.Get in touch to find out what makes us the gold winning champions of ‘The Most Effective Retail Sales Experience Award at the Field Marketing and Brand Experience, industry awards.

Product Sampling Campaign Management

Implementation is another area in which we really excel. Over twenty years of expertise and experience sits at the heart of everything we do and drives our ability to deliver. Bringing ideas to life in a way that creates those moments of “wow” to captivate and enthral shoppers in a commercially meaningful way. Getting everyone and everything where it needs to be, when it needs to be there is critical to success. Our logistics support is the unseen backbone of our product sampling campaign delivery capability with access to a network of vehicles and drivers to ensure everything runs like clockwork.

Product Sampling Campaign Delivery

Any successful product sampling campaign requires a partnership approach between the brand, agency and retailer. Liaising with head office and store managers is a key component in effective delivery, ensuring store managers are fully informed, have additional stock and that shelves are kept replenished are just some of the tasks our campaign managers undertake. All of our campaigns provide daily reporting which enables client brand marketing teams to keep up to date with all the relevant metrics. We report on unit sales, samples given and even the feedback provided by consumers who have tried the product and even those who do not.


The Philosophy of Product Sampling

Given the choice doesn’t everyone prefer to try before they buy? but when it comes to grocery shopping consumers are expected to buy in order to try. Is it so surprising then that 90% of products fail to capture market share and are removed from shelf before they are a year old. With so many products available in every category how can brands continually expect to create sales when consumers are totally unaware their products even exist. Brands need to create sensory and meaningful interactions with shoppers and provide them with a real reason to switch. They need to stop relying on communications and start creating experiences so people can decide for themselves.

Supermarket Product Sampling

Providing shoppers with an opportunity to try a product just as they walk into their preferred point of purchase is the most opportune time to engage prospective customers. They have product purchases top of mind,  they are actively considering what they need and are open to new, interesting or exciting opportunities. Creating effective supermarket sampling campaigns that raises brand awareness and increase product sales requires an in-depth understanding of what is allowed and what can be achieved at each major multiple. With over twenty years of product sampling campaigns to draw upon we know the detailed requirement for each supermarket and what is required to grow product sales in each category.

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  • Asda

    Similarly Asda welcomes product sampling at the entrances to their Superstores & Supermarkets. Providing for the creation of high visibility branded environments that capture Asda shoppers attention and interest. Perfectly prepared free product samples can be offered to shoppers to drive customer engagement and brand awareness through try before you buy opportunities.

    A range of engaging tactics can also be utilised to increase consumer curiosity such as interactive games, competitions and promotional activity. These can be used to encourage social sharing and user generated content creation to widen the reach and impact of individual campaigns. Our brand ambassadors are specifically selected and trained on brand stories and product benefits to enable them to deliver a memorable experience that influences shopper behaviour just before the enter the store.

    Asda Sampling Case Studies

  • Booths

    Booths comprise of 27 full sized supermarkets spread across affluent areas of Cheshire, Lancashire, Yorkshire and Cumbria. They attract discerning foodies who are focussed on quality and provenance, over price alone. As such, they are often referred to as the ‘Waitrose of the North’.

    Read more about sampling at Booths

  • Morrisons

    Morrison’s have a fantastic array of both massive sized supermarkets and city centre supermarkets, both of which are ideal for supermarket product sampling, experiential marketing and retail sales activation. There are two main types of sampling methods available for brands which are stocked at Morrisons: MORRISON’S EXPERIENTIAL SUPERMARKET SAMPLING:  We can create a pop up experiential marketing experience to present your brand, sampling your stocked range and create huge volume sales growth across Morrisons largest format, flagship sized supermarkets. With the permission of your grocery buyer, we can secure the busy event area in front of stores, liaise with the store managers and execute experiential marketing event days to engage Morrisons’ shoppers and drive product sales of your stocked range. 

    Morrisons Sampling Case Studies

  • Sainsbury's

    Most Sainsbury’s stores are located on busy high streets, either in city centres or in busy suburban retail areas. These busy stores are the best for product sampling at Sainsburys, as they have huge audience reach and the ability to host a pop up sampling experience which can be positioned directly in front of their main entrances. We will provide you with the options to create a compact promotional sampling unit that is attractively styled to effectively communicate your brand values, which will then be located in front of a selection of Sainsbury’s stores, to present your product samples and create large volume sales growth for your brand. 

    Sainsbury’s Sampling Case Studies

  • Tesco

    At Tesco Extra and Superstore formats brands can create a bespoke environment right next to the main entrance ensuring that every shopper who enters, leaves or passes by is exposed to their marketing message. Cold, ambient or hot samples can be prepared and offered to shoppers as they start or finish their shopping trip. Our brand ambassadors can approach and engage Tesco customers offering a product sample and provide them with a pre-agreed brand and product narrative. Additionally our brand ambassadors can direct shoppers straight to the product isle or sell products from the stand as well. They are equally adept at deploying promotional tactics such as discounts or buy one, get one free to close sales and encourage trial purchase.

    Tesco Sampling Case Studies

  • Waitrose

    Waitrose stores are arguably the king of premium high street grocery retailing; and their portfolio of high street stores enable fantastic supermarket sampling opportunities for your brand.

    Read more about sampling at Waitrose

Product Sampling at Convenience Retailers

Outside of stores, train stations or even in busy offices and Universities we have done the lot. When it comes to supporting products listed in convenience retail locations we provide a comprehensive solution to ensuring your products are front of mind amongst the target audience.  We create intrigue and interest with our branded vehicles, promotional staff and high visibility activity.

Product Sampling at Trade Shows

Meeting and greeting existing and prospective customers is all part and parcel of sustaining a growing business. Trade shows represent an excellent opportunity to show and provide samples of products whilst engaging business contacts. Over the years we have helped numerous brands improve partnerships and widen product distribution by designing, building and staffing trade show events.

Product Sampling at Consumer Shows

Whether it’s a lifestyle, culinary, sports or music event we can help get your product and brand story in front of consumers who share an interest or passion that we can leverage. High footfall events provide the perfect backdrop and occasion for sampling activities because people are relaxed and in the right frame of mind to engage.

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