Product Sampling & People Power

Product Sampling & People Power

It’s easy to understand how commercially minded brand owners and over stretched marketing teams can start to view the people who buy their products as a segment, a persona or a line of data in a profit and loss spreadsheet. And it’s equally easy to understand why those same professionals are utilising the same tired, generic and impersonal communication channels in an effort to reach, engage and convert consumers.

But as we all know, the truth is that consumers are real living, breathing human beings, each with their own perspectives, needs and aspirations. So when it comes to driving sales for FMCG products it’s surprising that on our island of 65 million individuals that so many brands still focus on reach over relevancy when it comes to selecting marketing communication activity.

The fact is that standing out from the crowd and cutting through the advertising clutter in our over communicated world, where the average consumer is exposed to 3,000 marketing messages a day, is a challenge very few brands can meet. And even if that feat is achieved, expecting consumers to recall brand and product name alongside individual features and benefits perhaps days, weeks or even months later is simply unrealistic.

But should a brand have the consumer insight, advertising budget and creativity to craft a truly memorable and engaging campaign it still does not overcome the biggest challenge facing them. How do you persuade a consumer to replace a tried, tested and trusted product they have already mentally committed to purchase? This is where a personal experience trumps a carefully crafted communication every day of the week.


You see, the moment of truth for brands looking to capture market share is when consumers try your product and decide for themselves whether it is right for them. At this point they can make an informed choice based on their own needs, tastes and budget. They can compare and contrast features and benefits and actively select one product over another.

At Link Communication our experience has shown us the power of getting a product sample into the hands of customers and empowering them to decide for themselves. Of building trust through friendly, warm and personal contact that engages consumers with factual and emotive storytelling right at the point of purchase.

We believe to create commercial success in our highly competitive world brands need to humanise their products and narratives in a meaningful and relevant way to cut through the indifference and cynicism that most of us have regarding product claims and advertising.

Our person to person approach ensures we can create emotional and rational connections quickly and relate to consumers on a human level. By doing so we are ideally placed to inspire them to try something different, change meal-time repertoires and add new products to their baskets.

So if you are looking to grow sales don’t just focus on reach, think relevancy. Don’t rely on consumer recall delivering results because knowing a product and buying it are two different things. And finally remember true engagement is best achieved through personal experience. Discover more about product sampling from our dedicated page

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