To drive product awareness, understanding of usage occasions, taste trial & purchases of Starbucks’ RTD Chilled Coffee with a sampling strategy promoting #FrappHacks Frappuccinos across a mix of targeted locations to reach millennials & shoppers.

  • Production & targeted sampling tour for Starbucks Chilled
  • #FrappHacks sampling of gourmet Frappuccino recipes
  • ASDA shopper sampling & sales activation, Summer food festival events, Ocado HQ event day
  • All locations checked and over 500m from Starbucks coffee shop
  • Fully managed service with design, production and live activation
  • Over 26 years of daily experience from multi-award winning specialist


ASDA Supermarket Sampling & Sales Activation

  • Scheduled on 10*peak shopping days, the experiential event area was created in front of main entrance of ASDAs that helped reach 100% of shoppers on arrival with chilled sip samples.
  • On the day sales incentives were offered for the consumers of BOGOF to take home or drink at the store. The team also encouraged multiple purchases with the gifting of Picnic Boxes for extra purchase.
  • The sampling was officially booked via ASDA head office to engage with potential customers for the NPD and drive mass brand visibility.

Retail Areas & Food Festivals

  • An event area was set up in selected malls, retail areas and food festivals located from 500m away from Starbucks coffee shop to reach the enthusiastic millennials. The event structure was designed for both outdoor and indoor activations for the shoppers.
  • With guided baristas making and presenting a range of options, consumers also got to pick and mix their own Frapphacks creations. This activity proved to be very charming for the shoppers and helped in driving sales.
  • Consumers were requested to share their experience in the form of posting selfies, tagging, following at the social media. This helped in scaling the brand awareness online for the product.

Social Media Amplification

  • Engaging and valuable strategy was streamlined on social channels to attract the online audience. #Frapphacks and #sipsamples were created for tagging and trending across social platforms.
  • Consumers were incentivised with extra samples to share their experiences on social platforms with a large number of cold coffee newbies who had their taste reactions filmed and shared online.
  • To encourage the customers to attend the sampling event, pre-planned tour schedule was broadcast by client regularly through social posts in advance. The sampling team also shared photos and videos of events daily to the client.

Catering Considerations

  • Sip samples were served in colour coded eco tasting cups and ice chests along with refrigerated stock storage were used to keep the samples fresh and cold.
  • Full sized retail units were displayed and used to decant samples and to guide customers what to look for on aisle. This opened up the conversation with the consumers while serving and drinking.
  • There were whole can, cup and bottle samples that were presented at all other non-retailer specific sampling sites to provide smooth experience to the shoppers.


Engagement: At ASDA, the team engaged over 15,500 shoppers and presented 13,600 sip samples achieving 88% acceptance rate.

  Sales: Each day the team served an average of 1360 samples and activated sales of 146 units per day with the best performing day sales peaking at 282 units in one day.

Engagement: The Festivals and Events team presented a total of 42,000 sip samples to attendees and offered them full serves for posts using #FrappHacks.

  Feedback: People across all ages were interested in Frappuccino range and remarked how they are ‘great to enjoy at home or on a road trip’.

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