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What makes Kellogg’s Special K Sampling so …special?

Special K partnered with Link to devise and implement their brand experience campaigns, over multiple years.

In this time, they have been able to activate their brand, reach new consumers and drive sales across supermarkets, convenience retailers, high streets, train stations, gyms and athletic events.

Here’s a quick overview of what we made possible for them:

Brand Experience at Athletic Events:

Special K Protien activated their brand experience at The Great Run Event Series over multiple years. This included an immersive event area with sampling and fun social media to thousands of particiapnts and spectators at each:

  • Wet sampling of Cereals with milk
  • Dry sampling of Bars and Bites
  • A fun photo selfie area in the middle.
  • Broadcastable content for Special K social
  • User generated social media post sharing
  • Printed photo pose souvenirs to take home

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Sampling inside of Gyms:

Gym goers were reached with the use of pop up sampling inside hundreds of gyms on peak days. These were idea for one to one discussions about the Special K Protein range and providing individualised recommendations to suit each consumer.

To aid the interactions and add credibility, the brand ambassadors selected for gym sampling Link supplied Physical Training (PT) instructors. This allowed Special K to inform consumers with added authority about the benefits.

Sampling at Train Stations 

The creation of a set of attractively styled sampling trikes and an enlarged team enabled Special K to achieve massive scale reach of over 50,000 commuters per day by sampling in front of the UK’s busiest train and tube stations.

In addition to the brand exposure and sample out reach, sampling at stations was used to activate sales at WHSmith Travel, Sainsbury’s Local, Tesco Express and Boots stockists.This lead to mass scale purchases bothon the event day and sustained Rate of Sales increases, with the consumers who make purchases there as part of their daily travel routine.

High Street Convenience Retailers:

To reach office workers during mid week daytimes and shoppers on weekends, the sampling teams and branded trikes were located to busy high streets across London and throughout major cities of the UK.

Each day, the team were able to create mass sale brand visibility to over 50,000 per day in these busy event sites. By locating in front of high street stockists on high streets (such as Tesco Metro, Sainsburys, etc) they were also able to activate sales uplifts into these priority retailers too.

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Kellogg's Special K - Tesco & Asda Supermarkets (5)

Flagship Supermarkets

To activate sales of the Special K Protien multipacks of bars and cereals, sampling event days were also hosted at large scale supermarkets across each major city. This utilised some of the same equipment such as trikes and gazebos, and located it in front of the main entrances to large supermarkets such as Tesco Extras.

The sampling teams offered taster samples of the bars, bites and cereals to all shoppers on arrival. Each day, the teams were able to generate record retail sales uplifts for the stores attended. Each day resulted in huge immediate sales uplifts followed by increased Rate of Sales, measured in the months following each event day.

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Existing Stockist Head Offices:

It’s not just consumers that feel the love from Special K! Sampling event days were organised and implemented across a range of important stockists to the brand. Sainsbury’s Head Office, Tesco Head Office and Asda House had full event days for corporate relationship development; plus an intermal launch at Kellogg’s own head office too.

These events attracted the buyer, along side the entire buying team and every colleague working at the head office; who all received a selection of sample tasters and whole bars to take away too.

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