Safe Sampling at High Street Tesco Supermarkets

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Bells & Whistles Vegan Cakes: Safe Sampling at Sainsburys

Safe Sampling at High Street Sainsburys Supermarkets


Retail sales activation across Sainsburys supermarkets using Safe Sampling in front of high street stockists during Lock Down 3.0 (Veganuary – Jan 2021).

Bells & Whistles existing sampling unit which was created and successfully toured in Jan 2020 (by Link), was recently upgraded for Covid compliance and toured across more Sainsburys stockists across Greater London during Veganuary 2021.

Stores were selected across suburban area high streets to ensure they were all still busy with shoppers during Lock Down. City centre sites were replaced with suburban areas, reflective of where audiences are found during Lock Down 3.0.

To make it completely safe, the sampling campaign includes the following safety measures:

  • S – Screens fitted to the cart and worn by sampling staff to create physical Covid barriers
  • A – Areas for staff to stand behind the cart, ensuring adequate distancing at all times
  • F – Contactless food handing using cup-cake cases, presented through a serving hatch
  • E – Effective impact, with over 80% sample acceptance rate and uplifts of over 100 units per day!

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This campaign is another excellent example of how low cost Safe Sampling can create real retail results.

The cart was low cost to build; both on its initial 2020 tour of Sainsburys and other retailers – and then retained and re-used again with the new Covid safety upgrades in 2021.

The reactions from both Sainbury’s head office buyer, the store teams and ALL shoppers was incredibly receptive and positive. A very high percentage (circa 80% of shoppers) were interested and stopped to accept a sample on their way into store.

Average sales uplifts of over 1,500% were generated for the brand, across ALL Sainbury’s stores attended; in a ‘food to go’ category that has otherwise been decimated by changing shopper habits from Covid.

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