Rubies Ketchup – Morrisons & Waitrose Supermarket Sampling

Campaign Objectives

    • Tour Waitrose and Morrisons in the Rubies with the Rubble branded sampling carts.
    • Target retail focused sampling and sales at busy supermarkets.
    • Encourage sales using an on the day sales incentive offer.

The Solution

Sampling stand with Portable Catering
  • Create a bright, colourful sampling stand that reflects the design of both the brand and product being sampled.
  • How do you give samples of ketchup? By serving something for the ketchup to go on, in this case chips.
  • Incorporate into the stand a portable gas frier to facilitate the cooking for chips.
An enticing offer with cross-sell opportunities
  • Increase likelihood of sales by offering promotional gifts for purchasers of the Ketchup.
  • Offering branded gifts not only increases likelihood of sale due to the free gift, it also increases brand loyalty by getting other products from the brand into potential customers’ homes.
Rubies Ketchup - Morrisons & Waitrose Supermarket Sampling
Environmental Consciousness
  • Aligning the campaign with the environmentally friendly ethos of the brand creates a cohesive message to customers about the brand;s values.
  • Create the uniforms out of fair-trade fabric with non-toxic ink.
  • Present the samples in compostable cups from FSC regulated sources
  • Print Leaflets on recycled paper
  • Recycle all waste material from the campaign.

The Results

Sampling Stand with portable catering
  • Two sampling stands were created to be used both in and outside Waitrose and Morrisons stores
  • The stands had more than just ketchup. Though ketchup was the main advertisement, customers could also try Garlic Mayo and Chilli Mayo.
  • The Ketchup made up 90% of the sales across the campaign with 704 units.
An enticing offer with cross-sell opportunities
  • Though the main product of the campaign was the ketchup, cross-selling opportunities were taken advantage of by also including smaller stocks of flavoured mayonnaise on the stand.
  • Purchasers of either the ketchup or mayonnaise received a free branded tote bag as a reward.
  • The cross selling worked. Customers who already had tried the ketchup, or preferred mayo in general still partook in the product sampling when they would have otherwise passed by.
Environmental Consciousness
  • The environmentally conscious angle of the campaign was very well received.
  • Positive feedback was collected about how much customers appreciated Rubies in the Rubble for being environmentally friendly.
  • Some customers reported buying this brand of ketchup specifically because of their environmental friendliness.

Retail Sales Results

23,000 customers were engaged, with 18,700 samples presented (over 80% acceptance!).

Immediate on the day sales averaged over 5,000% sales uplift, selling over 50 units per day!

Sustained sales growth measured at every store attended, achieving long term national listings.

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