Princes Street Food at Barcode Grocery Retailing Festival

The Barcode retailing festival is a very lively hybrid food exhibition and festival event, for brands keen to engage grocery buyers at the UKs leading supermarkets.

To launch the new range of Street Food that leading manufacturer Princes have developed, LINK created a funky Food Truck based event area.

  • A stylish UPS style delivery truck was converted for catering, wrapped in branded graphics; and was used for hot catering of Princes’ chicken kebabs
  • In addition to the sampling, a fun ‘Sound of the Streets’ game board was created with a range of musical noises, reflective of the flavours being sampled.
  • This created a fun, interactive ice breaker, helping to communicate and vote their favourite flavour that their new Street Food Kebabs is available in.
  • This even was used for both outreach to grocery buyers, helping to secure new listings for the NPS and also as a fun corporate even day for Princes too.
Princes at Barcode 20222 - UPS Style Branded Trucl
Princes at Barcode 2022 - 'Sound of Streets' Game
Princes at Barcode 2022 - Customer Interaction
Princes at Barcode 2022 - Customer Interaction with Van

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