Pilgrims Choice Eco-Friendly Tour


  • Communicate that Pilgrim’s Choice Megablocks have reduced plastic in their packaging but not their portion size
  • Align the activity to reflect the brand’s eco-friendly position and social media hashtag POSITIVECHOICE
  • Present the brand messages to 10,000 shoppers in each region attended (x 8 = 80,000 brand visibility target)
  • Achieve a 10% sales to sample conversion ratio across key retailers: Tesco, Sainsburys, Waitrose & Asda


Litter Pick – Community Engagement Events:
  • Organise a Litter Pick event day in each city, where local residents can participate to make a difference to their area.
  • Identify a popular park in each city and liaise with the local Council to host the event with official permissions.
  • Schedule event days on each Sunday and provide both litter picking equipment and rewards for participation.
Eco-Friendly Sampling Equipment:
  • Use a 100% electric, emission free van as the roadshow support vehicle to transport all event kit across the UK.
  • Create a city specific flyer printed using 100% recycled papers to show details of the regional Litter Pick event.
  • Offer an eco-friendly ‘Wax Food Wrap’ as a branded gift to enable customers to re-seal their cheese without plastic.
Mass Audience Reach Events Days:
  • Identify and activate a mass audience reach event day on the busiest regional high street event site in each city.
  • Use sampling to promote the key brand messages and invite everyone to attend the regional litter pick event day.
Social Media Amplification:
  • Offer the Wax Food Wraps and Cheese Toasties for shoppers who post or share to the #POSITIVECHOICE hash tag.
  • Allow and encourage sharing across all social media platforms (Insta, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc) to suit each user.
  • Promote the social media incentives on the mass reach high street event days and during the Litter Pick events.
Experiential Measurement & Research:
  • Conduct Experiential Market Research amongst shoppers to as certain the efficacy and impact of the activity, including
  • Control Data, of shoppers who had zero contact with the activity and who did not see the sampling.
  • Intercept Data, with customers who did interact with the sampling at the retailers. Follow Up Data, using phone call interviews with shoppers who did interact, two to three weeks afterwards.
Supermarket Sampling Days:
  • Identify the busiest Tesco, Sainsburys, Waitrose & Asda stockists closest the parks hosting the Litter Pick events.
  • Invite store staff to participate and obtain permission for sampling at their stores, to promote the Litter Pick event.
  • Run the sampling day at each retail stockist, scheduling them each Tues, Wed, Thur & Fri leading to the Litter Pick.
  • Invite shoppers to participate in the local Litter Pick and offer both cold and also melted hot cheese toastie tasters.
Retail Sales Conversion:
  • Use the eco-friendly brand messaging and localised Litter Pick to convert new brand fans for Pilgrim’s Choice.
  • Invite people to attend the Litter Pick days and/or to make a purchase of Pilgrim’s Choice while at the store.
  • Reward immediate consumer purchases with a BOGOF gift, presented by the team on proof of a purchase.
  • Incentivise future purchases by presenting the eco-flyer, detailing the regional event and a money off coupon.


Litter Pick – Community Engagement Events:
  • Litter Pick event days were successfully hosted in all eight weeks of the tour, in the busiest parks in each area: Roundhay Park, Leeds / Heaton Park, Manchester / Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham / Finsbury Park, London / Clapham Common, London / Heath Park, Cardiff / Preston Park, Brighton / Mount Pleasant Park, Sheffield
  • 750 people were reached each day on average across the parks, with over 100 Litter Pick participants per day.
  • Approx 33% of participants had been invited by the team at a local store or on the high street, in the days before.
  • More than 250 fully loaded black bin bags full of litter collected across eight days (more than 30 full sacks per day!)
Eco-Friendly Sampling Equipment:
  • The fully electric transit van completed the UK tour, completing a grand total of 5,865 emission free miles.
  • Across the UK 15,000 city specific flyers printed on 100% card were presented to interested consumers.
Mass Audience Reach Events Days:
  • During the tour the team activated the activity at eight mass audience reach consumer event sites nationwide: North Leeds Food Festival, Leeds / Trafford Shopping Centre, Manchester / New Street, Birmingham / Wimbledon Piazza, London / Cardinal Place, London / St David’s, Cardiff / New Road, Brighton / Fargate, Sheffield
  • Experiential sites achieved a large brand visibility to a daily audience of over 25,000 shoppers per day.
  • These sites averaged over 3,000 individual tasters of hot cheese toasties and chilled cheese cubes per day.
Social Media Amplification:
  • 500 reusable food wraps were handed out in exchange for a social media post across the eight campaign weeks.
  • Most popular platform used for posting was Instagram Stories, used by the majority of customers.
  • The social media incentive was most popular with the customers aged between 20 – 35 in the Litter Pick parks.
Experiential Measurement & Research:
  • 94% of shoppers who accepted a sample rated the experience as (8) very good, (9) excellent or (10) outstanding.
  • 71% of shoppers who completed follow up interviews said they bought Pilgrim’s Choice again, since the activity.
  • 16% of these shoppers who had made a repeat purchase had repurchased more than once.
  • By comparison, the control group who had not engaged with the sampling had re-purchased 69% less cheese.
Supermarket Sampling Days:
  • The tour successfully activated sampling and sales activation across total of 32 retail stockists Tuesday to Friday.
  • Cover the course of the eight week tour they attended: 13 X Tesco, 13 X Sainsburys, 4 X Waitrose and 2 X Asda.
  • To maximise audience reach and comply with restrictions, the teams successfully located outside the store entrance.
  • Each day, the team were able to present the taster samples to an average of 481 shoppers per store, per day.
Retail Sales Conversion:
  • The activity achieved a sample to immediate sales ratio of 20%, meaning 1:5 shoppers who stopped made a purchase.
  • 221 units were sold in one day at a Convenience Retailer (Sainsbury’s Local in Cardiff) achieving a 46% sales conversion ratio.
  • Average immediate sales of 110 units per day at Superstore sized retailers and 85 units per day at Convenience Retailers.
  • Total average samples of 481 were achieved per retail day, averaging 97 units sold per retailer = 20% average conversion ratio.


221 units were sold in one day at a Convenience Retailer achieving a 46% sales conversion ratio.

Average sales of 110 units per day at Superstore sized retailers & 85 units per day at Convenience Retailers.


Total average samples of 481 were achieved per retail day, averaging 97 units sold per retailer = 20% average conversion ratio.


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