To drive seasonal sales of Pepsi Max at ASDA and Sainsbury’s by creating a fun ‘surprise and delight’ Christmas event area with sip sampling in front of flagship ASDA and Sainsbury’s supermarkets, using a gameshow style event area with mounted app display to ‘Win Your Shopping’.

  • Gameshow style event area outside flagship ASDA and Sainsbury’s supermarkets
  • Targeted sampling and sales at busy ASDA and Sainsbury’s supermarkets
  • Integrated social media content creation and consumer sharing
  • Two way dialogue with enthusiastic brand ambassadors (BAs)
  • Fully managed roadshow service with daily updates and reporting



  • Shoppers were encouraged to purchase a bottle of Pepsi Max in order to enter into ‘Scan & Win’ game. A display sign was used to communicate game T&Cs at point of offer for customers to understand the rules and conditions of playing the game.
  • Customers used built in screen into gameshow to scan barcode from their purchase in order for the app to generate a number to reveal if it’s a win or not. It proved to be very engaging for the shoppers and helped the brand to create mass sale brand visibility.
  • The main prize for the winners of the game at each store of a free Christmas shop was up to £250 and for everyone else there was a ‘prize’ of a free can for their purchase. Customers played the game enthusiastically and activated the sales uplifts of NPD into the priority retailers.

Supermarket Tour Schedule

  • Multiweek tour of largest/busiest ASDA and Sainsbury’s supercenters were implemented leading up to Xmas to reach potential customers in the retail stores. The sampling site was located close to store entrance to engage the retail shoppers.
  • Visual displays of all size bottles and cans of Pepsi Max were used which was highly effective in attracting the shoppers towards sip sampling from 2L/1.25L bottles using eco sip cups.
  • The sip sampling was successful in creating immediate and sustained retail sales uplifts among the shoppers and helped in reaching the mass audience outside the supermarkets.

Impulse Sales Activation

  • Special sales deal was used with promo offer on live event day to engage potential customers both inside and outside of the retailers. The event team gifted free can to each shopper outside of store who made the purchase in the store.
  • It was very effective and efficient as all the purchases went through the tills in stores with gifting on exit.
  • The experiential team took advantage to advance their liaison with retail NAM’s and managers on the day to uplift stock into targeted stores. The live event activated massive sales and brand visibility among the consumers.


Social Media Competition

  • The experiential team organised competition with user generated sharing opportunities with consumers to scale brand visibility online. Customers were highly receptive to this idea and participated in the competition to win prizes.
  • ASDA cards valued at a grand total of £400 per store/per day were gifted to the winners of the competition. There were many participants and the videos and photos were recorded of those who received the prizes. All other customers took home with them free Pepsi stock as their runner up prizes.
  • The digital content created alongside sampling was shared online across different social media platforms with winners and prizes. The competition proved to be a huge success and created online brand awareness among the masses.


Engagement: Over the 14 days of sampling in 14 ASDA stores, the team engaged 26,500 customers and distributed 19,400 samples.

Sales: With a staggering 73% acceptance rate, the team activated sales of 4,023 units across the stores and reaching the peak sales of 643 units in one day.

Engagement: In 3 weeks, the sampling team reached out to thousands of shoppers in 3 Sainsbury’s stores and encouraged 7,135 shoppers to play the Calendar Game.

Sales: With a 40% conversion rate, the team achieved the immediate sales of 2,823 units in all the stores and activating the peak sales of 317 units in one day.


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