To acquire new food service stockists & drive trade sales of Peppadew Bites 1kg bags in gastro pubs, cafes, restaurants & bars by presenting free stock to chefs, venue managers and business owners in exchange for their contact data & to encourage purchase via food service wholesale distributors.

  • Promo stock enthusiastically presented to venue managers and business owners of gastro pubs, cafes, restaurants & bars.
  • 1 kg packs given to everyone; in exchange for contact info of person responsible for buying supplies and quick questionnaire about use of C&C wholesalers.
  • Verbal messaging and promotional print material presented alongside stock that details: Brand info, Social media pages, Purchasing info and Sales deal.
  • Tent cards printed to act as a stand alone advert to convert sales and also negate the need for establishments to re-print menus.
  • Brand ambassadors working to pre-planned routes with pre-mapped venues to maximise daily reach.


Engagements: Over the 15 days of seeding activity, 50 locations were pre-selected per day and the team visited a total of 698 independent pubs, cafes and bistros’.

Feedback: 32% of the business owners anticipated to put Peppadew Bites on their menu.

Engagements: 37% at Booker accepted that Peppadew Bites is their preferred choice while Bidfood and Brakes both gave 20% of their approval for the NPD.

Feedback: 86% of restaurants were happy to provide their details and trial the product while the team received a total of 601 form submissions.

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