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Pampelle Apperitif: Safe Sampling at Retailers

Pampelle: Safe Sampling at High Street Supermarkets

To promote sales of premium French alcoholic aperitif brand Pampelle, a ‘Safe Sampling campaign is touring Waitrose stores across central and suburban London, generating both positive impact and record breaking retail sales uplift results!

The attractively styled sampling bar unit is fitted with an inset ice chest for chilling the ruby red grapefruit flavour drink and accompanying Double Dutch Tonic, enabling sip sampling to all shoppers on arrival into the busy stores.

To make it completely safe, the sampling campaign includes the following safety measures:

  1. Clear screen fitted to the portable cart
  2. Clear face masks
  3. Disposable gloves
  4. Health checked sampling staff
  5. Individual sip samples
  6. Samples served via the hatch on the bar
  7. Single use taster cups
  8. Waste disposal into contactless recycling tube by recipients
  9. Hand sanitiser dispenser offered for use
  10. Distancing queue signage
  11. A marked area on the floor for customers to stand on
  12. 1m+ distancing maintained at all times.

The attractive styling of the event kit attracts the shoppers attention and immediacy of the safety set up provides the assurance need for customers to lower their guard and engage with the sampling activity.

The delicious tasters delight everyone and a promotional sales deal offering a free branded glass helps to create the strongest retail sales uplifts both brands have ever achieved in store (before, during or after Lock Down!!!).

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