orangina product sampling campaign at sainsbury's

Orangina Product Sampling At Sainsbury’s & Waitrose

How we drove awareness, engagement and sales of Orangina at Sainsbury’s and Waitrose

When a world famous brand, Orangina,  asks you to help them drive awareness, engagement and sales at Sainsbury’s and Waitrose of course you get excited. The plan to deliver these campaign objectives focused on getting the product into consumers hands and empowering them to try it for themselves. This approach enabled Orangina to re-engage lapsed customers and captivate new ones through a product sampling campaign.

Our Product Sampling Campaign

The campaign we created ran over a six week period and visited the cities of London, Manchester and Leeds. Our sampling teams targeted office areas and busy stations to engage commuters on Thursday and Friday. They then switched to High Street and Retail areas on Saturday and Sunday to attract shoppers and families. Each location was selected to ensure that campaign activity took place either directly outside or in close proximity to either a Sainsbury’s or Waitrose store.

Creating Memorable Experiences

Large scale sip sampling was delivered by our fully uniformed brand ambassadors from four hand made wooden sampling carts. Each cart was fully branded and enabled the maximum amount of visibility, flexibility and coverage for each location and store. This forward thinking approached enabled Orangina to engage around 5,000 people per day.

Engaging The Emotions

Promoting, both original and lite versions, Orangina proved enormously popular with consumers. Whilst many people were experiencing the lite version for the first time it was very well received with nearly 50% of consumers saying they preferred it to the original option. The original version evoked a huge amount of nostalgia with numerous people saying it reminded them of summer holidays and their childhood.

Sharing The Fun

Widening campaign reach was another key objective. Tapping in to a simple product truth we were able to encourage both user generated and branded content creation. Orangina is made with both juice and pulp and as a consequence is best shaken before consumption. We were able to bring this fact to life by encouraging consumers to capture and share their own shake dance. The video’s and photo’s were then shared on Instagram under the hashtag #BESTSERVEDSHAKEN

Commercially Focused Support

Liaising with individual store managers was another key activity performed by our operations and campaign teams. Ensuring each store had enough stock to replenish their shelves during the activity was critical to driving a successful campaign. We helped provide advance stock uplifts where required or helped replenish stock from our sampling allocation when needed. Feedback from store managers was overwhelmingly positive as we were able to drive both footfall and sales for their stores.

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