OLEO AR Product Demonstrations at Boots, Superdrug, Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys

Oleo Cosmetic Product Demonstrations with AR Filter

To create awareness, social media and measurable retail sales for Oleo; with an interactive Augmented Reality hair filter; across Asda, Tesco, Boots, Superdrug and Sainsbury’s.

  • Creation of an interactive video booth with mounted touchscreens
  • Shoppers primarily aged 35-60 invited to share their hair story
  • Consumers enter the booth and record a message for the camera
  • Enable experimentation of their hair personality with colour filters
  • Share button allows them to share direct to social media with a tag
  • Once recorded they immediately activate a free sample pack
  • Activity on national tour of busy Asda & Sainsburys superstores


Oleo Cosmetic Product Demonstrations with AR at supermarkets- Tesco

Flagship Supermarket Tour

  • The team set up the event area in front of flagship Tesco, Asda & Sainsburys with some stand alone stores and some attached to shopping malls to drive mass brand visibility and sales.
  • Activation on peak shopping days of Thu / Friday / Saturday / Sunday provided immediate and sustained measurable sales uplifts in the stores.
  • With the use of paid for event sites booked with the retailers and site owners, the demo activities had a coverage across four different supermarkets per week for three weeks that led to the successful customer engagements.
Oleo Cosmetic Product Demonstrations with AR at supermarkets- Boots

Shopping Mall Tour

  • Flagship Boots and Superdrug stores were selected near retailer head offices on peak shopping days (Fri, Sat, Sun) for the sales activation.
  • Boots @ Victoria Shopping Centre in Nottingham and Superdrug @ Bluewater Mall in Kent were used for the demonstration activities of the NPD.
  • The event sites were situated directly in front of respective store entrances to engage with potential customers and encourage them to make the purchase.
Oleo Cosmetic Product Demonstrations with AR at supermarkets- Tesco

Impulse Sales Activation

  •  Special sales deal was used on live event day, using promo offer like BOGOF gifted outside of store by event team after purchase by the consumers.
  • All purchases went through the tills in store, with gifting on exit for transparency and security along with the interchangeable signage showing the aisle position in each store.
  • The demo team grabbed the opportunity to uplift stock to targeted stores via retail NAMs and Managers on the day.
Oleo Cosmetic Product Demonstrations with AR at supermarkets

Augmented Reality (AR) Hair Colour Filters and Social Media Videos

  •  The AR filter and Instagram promo page was created for Oleo to use during the tour.
  • Consumers were encouraged to change their hair colour / style based on an augmented reality filter off an app, record the video, which was then shared to Oleo Insta page with consumer tagged.
  •  The team encouraged consumers to re-share videos on their personal pages to activate rewards. This led to the mass posting and sharing to the brand hashtag and scaled brand growth online.


Engagements: In 18 days of demo activities, 14,850 shoppers were engaged and tried the Intense hair colours inside the booth.

Sales: The team achieved a total of 420 immediate sales across stores, peaking at 50 sales in just one day!

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