• Increase brand recognition of Nuii across the UK
  • Increase the sales of Nuii ice cream in Tesco and Sainsbury’s stores through a discount and BOGOF offer.
  • Educate customers about the flavours of Nuii ice cream and where the ingredients are sourced from.


The Display

  •  A vintage ice cream truck was fully branded and used as a touring vehicle as well as the main element of the event space.
  •  LINK also designed and created 2 sampling bins with interactive screens where shoppers were taken on a flavour ‘adventure’.
  •  The sampling team were in smart branded uniforms, matching the event kit as well as bringing a premium feel to the stand.

The Locations

  • The team targeted sales outside both Tesco and Sainsbury’s stores across the UK.
  • For maximum reach stores of all sizes were targeted, from flagship superstores, to shopping centres, to local stores.
  • The ice cream van was parked either directly outside the shop entrance, or a nearby area with high footfall for maximum customer catchment.

The Deal

  • Mini Nuii bars of up to 5 flavours were given out to customers along with a voucher.
  • Customers who bought a box of Nuii in-store would receive a whole extra box when they returned to the ice cream van with their receipt
  • The voucher given with the sample could be used to get the ice cream for half price in-store. The voucher combined with the BOGOF deal resulted in what would normally have a RRP of £4 for one box, becoming £2 for 2 boxes!



  • Over the campaign the team gave out over 66,000 samples.
  • The samples had a 97% acceptance rate from customers.
  • On average the team handed out 1,700 samples per day.


  • On average the team made immediate sales of 45 units per day.
  • The peak daily sales reached 97 units!
  • Sales may be lower than what they could have been. The product was so popular that 36 of the 51 visited stores completely sold out of stock so could no longer contribute.


Over 66,000 samples given out!

Peak daily sales of 96 units/day!

The product was so popular that 70% of stores ran out of stock!

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