Dairy-free ice cream brand Northern Bloc wanted to increase their sales and brand recognition at Booths Supermarkets. Often being stocked in the vegan food aisle it was often overlooked by non-vegan customers.

    • Northern Bloc toured the biggest flagship Booths supermarkets across Yorkshire and Cumbria.
    • They sampled their non-dairy ice cream made with coconut milk, targeting both mainline customers and customers with dietary requirements who would not normally look in the vegan food aisle.
    • Customers who made a purchase in-store were rewarded an extra tub of Northern Bloc ice cream and a Northern Bloc tote bag for free!
    • During the campaign there were peak sales of up to 50 units a day, up from the pre-sampling sales of 5 units a week!

Increased sales from 5 per week to 50 per day!

Introduced Northern Bloc to hundreds of customers who wouldn’t have seen it in the vegan aisle.

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