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Mr Porky’s

Experiential Marketing & Product Sampling

To create an engaging brand experience for Mr. Porky’s, for people attending the Manchester Beer and Cider Festival, creating interest in the range of scratchings, prompting positive taste trial, enhancing brand loyalty and driving both immediate and long term increased sales of Mr Porky’s range.

The event was primarily to drive brand awareness, positive taste trial and sales of the Mr. Porky range to trade and then consumer event attendees whilst simultaneously creating a memorable brand experience via interactive participation in the Beer Pong game. Using the GBBF as a learning, Link incorporated the evaluation conclusions and upgraded and improved the Manchester Beer & Cider Festival (MBCF) activation by:

  • Continuing to use the existing sampling method, presenting tasters in colour coded cupcake holders.
  • Using small scoops instead of tongs to improve the efficiency of the sampling/restocking process.
  • Presenting consumer flyers with an incorporated voucher to all event attendees.
  • Optimising low engagement times by utilising a hawker tray for roaming sampling and sales.
  • Upgrading the beer pong table with a new slope for balls to roll back and utilising a timer.
  • Offering sales deals to consumers; single bags at £1.50, 4 packs for £5.00 or 10 packs for £10.00

Alongside the sampling and sales activity, the brand ambassadors were tasked with capturing data from consumers and relevant members of trade.


Engaging Trade & Consumer Audiences

Campaign Results

Product Sampling

Over the duration of the festival the Link team were able to pro-actively encourage both consumer and trade audiences with close to 4,000 samples. Of the samples offered Handcooked variety proved the most popular with 35% of people selecting this option.

  • Crispy Strips
  • Crunch
  • Crackles
  • Prime Cut
  • Handcooked

Product Sales

The opportunity to purchase proved very popular with the visitors to the show. The Link Brand Ambassadors were highly effective at turning product trial into purchase and achieved a conversion rate of 4:1. Ironically the least popular product sampled, Prime Cut, turned out to be the most purchased variety on offer and made up 26% of all sales.

Crispy Strips 20%
Crunch 14%
Crackles 22%
Prime Cut 26%
Handcooked 18%


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