Mighty Pea Safe Sampling

Gold Award Winning Campaign

The Most Effective Retail Sales Experience

The Field Marketing & Brand Experience Awards – 2021


Mighty Pea’s range of non-dairy m.lk received new listings in Sainsburys and Tesco; and needed to drive Rate of Sale.

The seasonal sales peak for non-dairy m.lk is during Q1, when consumer healthy lifestyle habits are most prevalent.

On the 6th January 2021, the UK Government announced Lockdown 3.0 which lasted until 19th April 2021.

With these considerations in mind, the campaign objectives set by the client were

Create a safe sampling experience for Mighty that is completely Covid compliant and represents the brand positively.

Enable hygienically controlled sip sampling at a range of Sainsburys and Tescos during the product launch into new stores.

Achieve a sample acceptance rate of 20% of shoppers engaged and a sample to immediate purchase conversion of 5%.



    • In line with Mighty Pea’s sustainable brand values, their existing Sampling Cart from 2019 was re-purposed for Safe Sampling.
    • New safety measures were added to the cart including Covid safety screens, distancing signage and contactless sanitiser.
    • Supermarkets were selected for demographic alignment and where the cart could be safely located outside the entrance area.
    • Samplers were tested daily and the team of two lived in a pair bubble, working together for the entire campaign duration.
Sainsburys Sampling


  • Over seven weeks the Mighty Pea sampling team activated Safe Sampling at 20 Tesco and 15 Sainsbury’s stores across the UK.
  • The Safe Sampling system was shared with store managers and optimised external set up positioned agreed in advance.
  • Long queues of shoppers waiting in line to get into socially distanced stores provide ideal opportunity for quality engagement
Tesco Supermarket - safe sampling for Mighty Pea


  • Customers were offered sip samples of Mighty Pea Original and Protein Oat blended on site into a banana smoothie.
  • During the very cold weather and snow in February, a hot catering unit was added to enable sampling as vegan hot chocolate.
  • The displays of cartons were embellished with appetising serving suggestions, alongside granola, pancakes and fresh berries.


  • Over 80% of all shoppers reached had never previously purchased any brand of non-dairy m.lk or tried Mighty Pea before.
  • The activation was most popular with customers aged 18 – 35, a core demographic that already shopped in the category.
  • Comments from everyone were very positive, both vegan & non-vegans were impressed with the taste, usages and benefits.
Tesco Supermarket - safe sampling for Mighty Pea


  • Peak sales are normally made on Saturdays, but Lockdown resulted in consistently strong sales across all days of the week.
  • Reduced social interaction and stimulation in Lockdown lead to a massive rise in sample acceptance and shopper engagement.
  • Price discounting periods did not have any effect on sales, showing that the sampling was the key factor in converting purchase.
Tesco Supermarket - safe sampling for Mighty Pea


  • A massive 75% of shoppers stopped to engage with the Safe Sampling; leading to a 9% immediate trial to purchase conversion.
  • Average sales uplifts of 470% were achieved across the target stores, equating to sales uplifts of 57 units sold per store, per day.
  • Sales uplifts as high as 1,729% were achieved in some stores which previously had a low Rate of Sale (eg: Upton Park Tesco).
Tesco Supermarket - safe sampling for Mighty Pea


    • The average long term sustained increased Rate of Sale achieved in the sampling stores was 130% (from 10 units to 27 units).
    • Peak long term rate of sales growth of 245% was achieved in some stores (eg: Stroud Green Tesco, from 10 to 34 units).
    • Long term sustained material gain measured weeks after was as high as an extra 35 units sold p/store p/week (eg: Southwark).

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