Tesco Supermarket - safe sampling for Mighty Pea

Mighty Pea: Safe Sampling at Tesco & Sainsburys

Safe Sampling at High Street Tesco & Sainsburys Supermarkets


Retail sales activation across high street suburban area Tesco Metro and Tesco Superstore supermarkets using Safe Sampling in front entrances during Lock Down 3.0 (Jan to Feb 2021).

Due to its success, the campaign was then extended to cover Sainsburys too (in March 21).

Mighty Pea’s existing sampling unit which was first created and successfully toured across Sainsburys and Marks & Spencers during Veganuary 2020 (by Link), was upgraded for Covid compliance and toured across Tesco stockists across Greater London to support the sales growth of their newly listed range of dairy free m.lks on sale within Tesco.

Stores were selected across suburban area high streets to ensure they were all still busy with shoppers during Lock Down. City centre sites were replaced with suburban areas, reflective of where audiences are found during Lock Down 3.0.

To make it completely safe, the sampling campaign includes the following safety measures:

  • S – Screens fitted to the cart and worn by sampling staff to create physical Covid barriers
  • A – Areas for staff to stand behind the cart, ensuring adequate distancing at all times
  • F – Contactless food handing using single  use sip cups, presented through a serving hatch
  • E – Effective impact, with over 70% sample acceptance and record retail sales each day!

Click here for more on S.A.F.E. Sampling


As the Safe Sampling activity is located in front of the entrances of Tescos which are located on pedestrianised high streets, it is classed as ‘Proximity Sampling’ so does not need official permissions from Tesco’s media agency; making it much more affordable.

The cart display shows the retail packs which shoppers are encouraged to purchase on shelf, some recipe usage ideas (such as smoothies, pancakes, etc).

Sip samples are served neat; and also with serving suggestions, such as a freshly blended banana smoothies and blended into hot chocolate (especially popular on chilly days!).

The teams are able to safely engage all shoppers on arrival to the stores using the portable cart, and encourage ALL shoppers going into to see, try and buy the range of Mighty Pea m.lks.

Incredibly positive feedback from shoppers who are keen to alleviate the boredom of both lockdown and while stood queuing to get in, waiting in long lines!

Record sales uplift results, created at all stores attended, with activation scheduled five days a week: each Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon – across all high street Tesco’s around suburban areas of London. (This was then extedned to cover Sainsburys immediately after).

Long term, repeat client, who retains and partners with Link Communication for sampling at all chains of retailers (inc Morrisons, Sainsburys, Marks & Spencers, plus Tesco).

Also partners with Link Communication for trade audience engagement; including event days at retailer head offices and the planning and activation of multiple food industry exhibitions.

Tesco Supermarket - safe sampling for Mighty Pea

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