Medahuman CBD drink toured a sip sampling cart to increase retail sales in Booths; followed by an extension to Morrisons, Asda and WHSmith.

    • LINK created a sip sampling cart initially for a tour of Booths supermarkets (Waitrose of the North)
    • Most shoppers had heard of CDB, but were new to the category so needed educating.
    • Each day the team sampled over 1,000 shoppers generating 16% immediate conversion.
    • On the day sales of over 200 units were achieved in Booths on just one day!
    • The tour was later extended to secure listings and drive record sales uplifts into Morrisons, Asdas and WHSmith too!
Medahuman Sampling Morrisons Supermarket
Medahuman Sampling Booths Supermarket
Medahuman Sampling Booths Supermarket 2
Medahuman Drink Supermarket Sampling

16% conversion rate from sample to purchase.

Sleepless in Settle!? Shoppers in Booths bought over 220 units in just one day!

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