Meatless Farm’s Morrisons Sampling & Sales Tour

To increase sales of Meatless Farm Vegan Mince in Morrisons supermarkets by sampling fresh Chilli-non-Carne.

  • Created a pair of portable sampling carts to tour the North and South of England simultaneously.
  • The carts were positioned in foyers and busy walkways of large Morrisons Supermarkets, maximizing the reach to as many customers as possible.
  • The carts included built-in catering and refrigeration, allowing the samples to be prepared fresh in-store!
  • Samples were prepared fresh at the cart using an online recipe for customers to make at home.
  • Lots of wow moments as non-vegan customers tried vegan mince for the first time!
  • 68% of shoppers accepted a sample of Chilli-non-carne.
  • Achieved average sales of 60 units/day, peaking at 137!

68% of customers accepted a sample!

Wowed both vegans and meat-eaters alike!

Peak sales of 137 units/day in one location

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