MayTea Iced Tea: Safe Sampling at Morrisons Supermarkets

MayTea Iced Tea: Safe Sampling at Morrisons

MayTea Iced Tea: Safe Sampling at Morrisons Supermarkets

After successful national sampling campaigns in summer 2019 and Q1 2020, Suntory innovation brand MayTea, wanted to create a Covid Safe Sampling to continue to responsibly build its retail sales growth across Morrison’s supermarkets.
Their existing compact sampling carts and uniforms were upgraded to include the new remit of Covid Safe Sampling Screens, to tour across the UK, reaching shoppers in foyers and in front of busy suburban area supermarkets.

To make it completely safe, the sampling campaign includes the following safety measures:

  1. Clear screen fitted to the portable cart
  2. Clear face masks
  3. Disposable gloves
  4. Health checked sampling staff
  5. Individual sip samples
  6. Samples served via the hatch on the bar
  7. Single use taster cups
  8. Waste disposal into contactless recycling tube by recipients
  9. Hand sanitiser dispenser offered for use
  10. Distancing queue signage
  11. A marked area on the floor for customers to stand on
  12. 1m+ distancing maintained at all times.

The use of decorative leaves, fruity graphics and chilled tasters attracts the shoppers attention and overt / obvious use of ‘Safe Sampling’ equipment meant that thousands of shoppers were keen to try a sample each day.

Once tasting the sample, shoppers stop to understand the product proposition – and are tempted by the promotional offers available which have consistently converted mass scale purchases, on this highly successful sampling tour.


  • Approx 750 samples presented per day
  • Circa 100 bottles sold per store, per day

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