May Tea Product Sampling Campaign

To engage consumers, increase awareness of key messaging and drive sales of the new fruit infused iced tea drink across Morrisons and convenience retailers by sampling to office workers and shoppers during peak times outside of high street stores, train stations and on busy walkways, using street sampling teams.

MayTea – Sampling Campaign Overview

  • Core focus of activity was to uplift sales for MayTea into Morrisons, WHSmiths and BP M&S.
  • 100,000 chilled samples professionally presented at +100 stores.

Sampling in front of Morrisons

  • Sampling at stores on peak shopping days (Thur, Fri, Sat), with full support from ALL store managers.
  • Average sampling out reach of over 800 shoppers per day (peaking at over 1,500 at larger stores like Morrisons Enfield).
  • Average supermarket sales uplifts of close to 200 units per day (peaking at over 500 sold at Cribbs Causeway in just one day).
  • Huge sales uplifts achieved of a 5:1 ratio in busy high street supermarkets.

Sampling in front of BP, M&S Food & WHSmith Travel

  • Smaller scale sampling, using single staff at compact stores
  • Sip sampling and mass scale sales uplifts generated each day
  • Sustained rate of sales growth, lasting through Q3>4 at stores attended
  • Long term repeeat booking client, investing in sampling to grow sales

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