To build and effectively activate the Loctite Second Chance Roadshow, with the use of experiential product demonstrations, fun interactive game participations, social media and on the day sales incentives; initially across a range of flagship sized ASDA supermarkets.

  • Create & tour the Second Chance experiential demonstration roadshow 
  • Build of interactive ‘up cycled’ event area with interactive activities
  • Team of trained demonstrators & ambassadors reach Asda shoppers
  • Live repair demos show shoppers ease of use on variety of items
  • Fun digital game to embed usages in an engaging & memorable way
  • Shoppers encouraged to purchase, use and post onto social media for prizes
  • Flexible tour schedule, activated on peak shopping days each week


Flagship Supermarket Tour

  • Primary tour was focused on largest sized Asda supercentres across the UK for demonstration activities on peak shopping days of Thurs / Friday / Saturday / Sundays.
  • With event sites officially booked with Asda diary management, the sampling team organised flexible tours that covered the North / Midlands / London.
  • The Event area was located in front of retail entrance to reach all shoppers on arrival to maximise the consumer outreach and engagements.

Impulse Sales Activation

  • The demo team arranged sales stock uplifts in advance with account managers to to set up FSDU with pricing for impulse purchases.
  • Shoppers were directed to regular aisle location in all stockists with optional sales deal offered on live event days to increase sales e.g. Buy any pack in store and get a free gift from the team on exit.
  • All purchases made by the customers went through the store tills to maintain transparency and security. It also acted as a proof of purchase to show for customers to claim a reward.

Social Media Content Creation

  • Brand ambassadors created user generated sharing opportunities with consumers and encouraged them to share their repairs done by the use of NPD on social channels.
  • Advance notices of tour schedule were shared in advance along with daily posts to show brand’s arrival on each location to engage the online masses.
  • The content creation team encouraged the consumers to post and share photos, videos, vox-pops and updates with the brand hashtag to raise online brand awareness.

Experiential Event Area

  • The branded event area was the star of the show, and as well as being the eye-catching, it drew customers straight over to the team. It was a sectional construction enabling quick and easy daily set up for outdoor or indoor use.
  • Digital touch screen TV on stand with interactive learning game added to a successful event site with a glue expert, leaflets and POS.
  • POS signage with CTAs were used to encourage immediate purchases and social media prizes for the shoppers. It drew customers straight over to the team.


Engagements: Over 12 days of demonstrations, 10,850 customers engaged with the team, achieving a 63% conversion rate from introduction to conversation.

       Sales: 930 coupons were distributed with 508 immediate sales in 3 weeks, equating to 55% coupons immediately redeemed in-store.

Engagements: Across 12 Asda stores, the team engaged 302 people with the total of 221 demo activities and 239 people with fun digital quiz activities in 2 weeks.

  Sales: With an average of 904 conversations per day, the demos activated per day average sales of 42 units and peaking at 103 in one day.

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