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Little Dish Experiential Product Sampling

Little Dish provide a range of healthy ready meals for kids, aimed at health conscious parents with little time to prepare wholesome meals from scratch. Unlike most other ready meals, their range is loaded with vegetables, quality meat or fish, and has no added sugar, no salt or other negatives often associated with microwaveable meals. As such, many shoppers don’t consider it for their children and often ignore the entire category. To remedy this lack of understanding and stand out visibility, Link created a wholesome, Little Dish branded farmhouse themed pop up catering kitchen to set up in front of flagship Tesco and Asda supermarkets, for hot sampling and sales activation.

The Campaign

To bring their brand proposition to life, bountiful displays of rustic, whole vegetables were attractively displayed in wooden crates, next to each variant being sampled – which worked both as a visual stimuli and engaging talking point to hit home the brand’s healthy USPs. The farm house kitchen feel was brought to life with a real wooden built Welsh dresser, which displayed retail packs alongside farm house props like painted plates, more vegetables and display signage. This was all set within a fully printed gazebo, fronted by a roll of realistic looking grass, with real hay bales and white picket fencing. The entire set was designed to be put together and dismantled in less than an hour from early morning arrival.


A pre-planned selection of meals were microwaved and presented as warm tasters to both children and their parents or their carers. The kids were delighted with both the tasters – and also the child friendly promotional material, such as branded balloons and colouring packs which added an extra incentive for their approval and compliance. Dumbfounded parents were amazed how the children were suddenly eating fish pie, lamb hot pot and wholesome food; when for years they reportedly would eat nothing other than chicken nuggets or sausages!

The Results

As soon as the parents saw the kids would eat it, the parents bought into it, and took advantage of the 3 for £5.00 offer. Purchasing was made easier from a branded chiller brought into the foyer area of the store on the day and loaded with uplifted sales stock, delivered into store in advance via the official head office supply chain. Additional sales conversions were also achieved on aisle with a roaming sampler, offering a additional flavour variant from a hawker tray; alongside branded balloons for child friendly sales incentives.

The successful tour achieved large scale uplifts of between 125 to 250 units every supermarket attended – and reached around affluent commuter belt Asda Supercentres and Tesco Extras around Greater London and major cities of the UK.

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