Fulfil Van and Exhibition Event Area at Lunch Food Industry Trade Show 2022

To create a massive stand-out brand impact at the incredibly busy trade event LUNCH!, the Fulfil truck was used as a centrepiece in the show hall.

  • An expanded event area was built around the van with ground-level display countertops, a fun skill challenge game, table & chair sets, TV and displays.
  • For extra WOW factor, a giant Fulfil bar was specially sculpted, with exact graphics added and securely mounted to the van’s roof. The already tall van (3m in height) is then standing at 4m tall with the giant bar on the roof, acting as a location beacon for everyone at the show!
  • LINK has been responsible for touring and activating the sampling truck for FULFIL for many years; now with the giant bar still mounted to the roof wherever it goes.
FULFIL sampling at Lunch 2022
Fulfil at Lunch 2022 - Bar mounted on Van
FULFIL at Lunch 2022 - Fulfil Bar
FULFIL at Lunch 2022 - BATAK speed reaction Game

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