• Product sampling for Epson in pop-up cinema exhibition

Epson 3D Projectors – Experiential Demonstration Pop Up Cinema Shopping Mall Roadshow

Link were approached by global technology brand Epson to support the launch of their range of High Definition 3D TV Projectors, designed for home cinema style domestic use. To showcase the product to its full potential a portable, immersive pop up cinema experience was created and toured across the UK’s leading shopping malls over a number of years.


The design of the experiential exhibition unit, its build, branding, fit out, location planning, logistics, event staffing and consumer sales conversion was all organized in house, by Link Communication. The brand experience consisted of:


  • A modular 6 x 6 meter cube, that wheeled into position in sections and clipped together.
  • Illuminated external display graphics with external product display pods with technical spec info.
  • Six meter wide retractable black out ceiling with branding on the roof for visibility from above.
  • A booming surround sound system to pump out the soundtrack, shaking the ground to attract passersby.
  • A row of internal viewing pod stations each holding a multiple 3D Glasses on spring coils, for viewers to use.
  • Rotating mix of 3D film clips such as Epson sponsored Manchester United players hitting a football to camera.
  • A properly trained promotional team, enthusiastically inviting people in and enticing them with fresh popcorn.
  • A team of sales staff to meet and greet after the showing, to show the product range and convert purchase.

The immersive cinema experience created a unique environment for consumers to really see the product technologies at their full potential. Away from the distracting colours and noises of the crowded shopping malls, the dark projection room focused 100% of attention on the high definition screening. The 3D capabilities were dramatically brought to life like no other form of marketing can deliver: When the Epson sponsored footballers playfully kicked and headed the ball towards the camera, people flinched, ducked, squealed and shrieked; as they momentarily were tricked into thinking the ball really was coming directly for them!

This created a fantastically powerful high note of the brand experience, leaving people laughing, bemused and always super impressed by the hyper realistic capabilities of the 3D projection technology. The immersive experiential demonstration delivered both the kind of product demonstration that no other form of traditional marketing can come close to – while also attaining immediately measurable sales and ROI too.

Over 200,000 consumers across 20 premium shopping malls got to experience the demonstrations firsthand. Unlike other forms of traditional marketing expenditure, the experiential roadshow achieved ROI within its very first roadshow tour. The sales uplift results were so strong and immediate, Epson extended the tour for a whole extra year, with only minor extra production costs to change some graphics and update some branding.

The unit was then bought in full by Epson, to be transported to and utilised across other global marketing teams including a tour of shopping malls in The Middle East and America.

If you need to breathe new life into how you present, demonstrate and sell your brand – get in touch for expert advice, from experiential agency experts, Link Communication.

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