Product sampling with Crosta & Mollica in Sainsbury's supermarkets

Crosta & Mollica


To drive both immediate and repeat long term repeat sales growth for the Crosta & Mollica bakery range stocked in Sainsburys & Waitrose using promotional leafleting & sampling teams with the Crosta & Mollica branded Ape Van, handing out Mini Piadas with booklets, on busy high streets near to leading stores.

The aim of the campaign was to raise brand awareness of the Crosta & Mollica range to both Sainsbury’s and Waitrose customers over 3 weeks of activity, by presenting Mini Piada breads alongside enthusiastically delivered verbal messaging about the range and a booklet showing ideas for recipes.

A team of 3 promotional staff visited a range of pre-selected locations with the prioritised supermarkets, as well as the nearby train stations during the busy afternoon rush hour, effectively reaching the maximum amount of people.

In order to target the right demographic, 30-55 year old females were pro-actively approached before anyone else. The team utilised existing Crosta & Mollica campaign equipment, including an eye-catching Ape Van and hawker trays, to create a bespoke pop-up sampling event area across a range of high streets to deliver full-sized samples of the MNini Piada breads to new potential customers.

Sun, fun and sampling with Crosta & Mollica

  • Consumer tries product sample sin Sainsbury's supermarket
  • Product sampling with Crosta & Mollica in Sainsbury's supermarkets
  • sampling in Waitrose supermarkets with Crosta & Mollica

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