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Brasso Product Demonstration Campaign

Brasso Product Demonstration Case Study

Activity Summary

Brasso engaged the team at Link to deliver a product demonstration campaign for The Gadget Show Live. We needed to create an environment for the show that was multi-function covering both product demonstration and sales. A 1950’s living room was created as a visual attention grabber and kitted out with an array of gadgets to clean the living room. We provided full set build, supporting promotional staff and an actress to deliver an on-set performance.

Activity Results

The campaigned delivered over 10,000 product demonstrations ensuring the Brasso stand was the busiest at the show. Product  sales were excellent but the client prefers to keep that under raps.

Product Demonstration At Trade Shows

engaging consumers with experiential marketing for Brasso
Brasso Gadget Care Case Study
Brasso Gadget Care Case Study
Brasso Gadget Care Case Study

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