Campaign Objectives

  • To drive increased brand awareness and engagement region-wide.
  • Promote Booths’ new Christmas range of products through Product Sampling.
  • Attract customer interest with a bespoke “Booths Sampling Sleigh” to increase customer engagement with the campaign.

The Solution

The Sampling Sleigh – Creating an interactive sampling stand:
  • Create a festively immersive and interactive sampling stand with the Booths Sampling Sleigh. A sleigh shaped sampling stand branded with the Booths colours and logo.
  • Increase customer interest, engagement and interactivity by designing the sleigh to allow people to sit inside it, allowing for a perfect photo opportunity which furthers the spread of the brand.
  • Festive costume and characters. In order for the sleigh to have the desired impact it needs to be surrounded by fitting brand ambassadors. By dressing the brand ambassadors like elves, and even including a Santa at appropriate venues, it makes the sleigh stand out even further and attract even more customers.
  Festive Locations for Festive Sampling – Seasonal Location Targeting:
  • Due to the festive nature of the sleigh and themed brand ambassadors around it, the best place to tour it is equally as festive venues such as Christmas markets and events.
  • In order to keep Booths supermarkets relevant to the audience of the sleigh, careful selection of the target events and markets is needed to make sure they are within close proximity to a Booths supermarket.
  Not Just For Eating – Doubling Up On The Sampling Takeaways:
  • The goal is not only to advertise Booths’ Christmas range of products through sampling, but to also increase brand awareness for the supermarket. This can be done by doubling up on what people take away from their samples.
  • When the customers come for a sample of the products, they don’t only leave with a Sticky Toffee Pudding bite; They also receive a verbal messaging flyer about Booths, and a coupon to use at the nearest store, providing them not only with information about the brand but also a reason to visit a Booths at least once.

The Results

The Sampling Sleigh – Creating an interactive sampling stand:
  • The sleigh and elf costumes went down very well with customers, with many of them taking the opportunity to have their photo taken in the sleigh.
  • Santa went down particularly well in areas where he was allowed to be used. Attracting many customers to the sleigh and presenting more photo opportunities.
  • The sleigh included a hardback “Christmas at Booths” catalogue for customers to read. These proved so popular among customers that many of them wanted to take it with them.
  Festive Locations for Festive Sampling – Seasonal Location Targeting:
  • The sleigh proved very popular across the activity. Especially when Santa was around.
  • After having the sleigh on display, many of the host events showed interest in Booths becoming an event sponsor in future.
  • Due to the event being in Booths catchment areas, approximately 80% were familiar with the Booths brand, but many had never shopped there.
  Not Just For Eating – Doubling Up On The Sampling Takeaways:
  • The choice of samples were extremely popular, especially the sticky toffee pudding bites.
  • Common comments to the samples included “I’ve got to go to Booths and buy some of these, they’re gorgeous.”
  • Not only did the popularity of the samples mean a lot of flyers were given with them, many customers were actually grateful to get them due to the included voucher.

Successful Christmas Sampling

80% of customers had heard of the brand and were more willing to shop there after trying the product and receiving a voucher.

Multiple events showed interest in having Booths as an event sponsor in future, furthering their brand awareness even further.

The product brochures on the sleigh were so popular that many customers tried to take them home with them!

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